Monday, June 29, 2009

Verification Word

You know when you post a comment on someone’s blog, post a link of facebook, or start an online account with a bank they make you type in a random group of letters and numbers to make sure you aren’t some non-human computer hacking into the World Wide Web.

I just posted two comments on a friend Jeremy’s blog and each one of the verification words seemed like actual words to me.
Then I started to think that maybe the “internet people” were just trying to confuse me and make me feel stupid… by saying “HA, you are to dumb to realize you are typing in an actual word and not just a random combination of letters”
(Of course I was also too stupid to write down the words to see if they were actual words or not, but that really is unimportant).

Anyway. My point is... verification words should always be a random combination of words and letters. (but then again, a non-human computer super genius probably thinks in numbers and letters and that would take away the whole idea of having a verification word)….
So maybe I don’t have a point.


  1. on ticketmaster I'm pretty sure they use a real word.

  2. lots of them use real words

  3. i hate verification words too.
    i never can tell if i'm guessing the letter correctly and then i feel foolish when i get it wrong, then they basically dumb it down for me and make the spaces and visibility easy