Saturday, June 6, 2009

Graham v. Kinsey

Every year my sisters and I take a Sloss sister annual vacation and this year, b/c of many unexpected events, our annual vacation has been put on hold.

But as a result of Kassie coming to Iowa this weekend with her new baby (Graham) and her husband, I have decided that this weekend is officially the 4th annual Sloss sister vacation (even though the majority of the time has been spent in my mom's hospital room and has included such exciting events as going out to eat and holding Graham)

I have learned a lot about newborns the past couple of days. The most exciting of these have been: how to hold graham, telling him my life plan or asking him random questions (that always allows you to come up with a random answer for him), and how Graham and a hung-over person (i.e Kinsey) lead the same life.

Since the other members of my family have all disappeared on me I have come to some conclusions to how Graham and Kinsey are similar.

Reasons Kinsey is like Graham (in reference to being hung-over… )
- she really likes to sleep
- she will not answer your questions
- she isn’t wearing any shoes
- if you rub her back she may spit up (or throw up)
- loud noises makes her uncomfortable
- she doesn’t really smile (well maybe a fake smile)

Reasons Graham is better then Kinsey (at being hung-over…)
- he makes noises
- he is not sleeping on the floor
- he doesn’t disappear for 30 minutes at a time
- random smells don't make him want to throw up
- he has had something to eat today
- you can talk to him

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