Tuesday, June 30, 2009

5 things you should know about me

1. One of my favorite things in life is tearing off the tape on a new dvd. For some reason I love the combination of the sound it makes and the power you have.

2. I love pushing the cart at the grocery store. (I don’t have a good reason.. I just like doing it)

3. In the past year I have discovered that I love the internet and the wonderful social programs they have. Because of this when I meet someone new and I have nothing else to talk about I will bring up Blogs and twitter. I will also try to convince you to get one or the other. (I have successfully convinced semi-complete strangers to get a blog, but never to start a twitter)

4. I try not to talk about Disney, but if you bring it up there is no way you will get me to stop talking about it (this is my one downfall in life)

5. I have a flat head and because of this I cannot wear headbands but I can balance things on my head. (Well I “believe” I have a flat head)


  1. you forgot that you are pretty much awesome and you have a tshirt that says it. (best idea ever kassie)

  2. oh goodness kelsey i love your blogs. my life has been meaningless without them the past month. i have so much catching up to do...