Tuesday, June 30, 2009

5 things you should know about me

1. One of my favorite things in life is tearing off the tape on a new dvd. For some reason I love the combination of the sound it makes and the power you have.

2. I love pushing the cart at the grocery store. (I don’t have a good reason.. I just like doing it)

3. In the past year I have discovered that I love the internet and the wonderful social programs they have. Because of this when I meet someone new and I have nothing else to talk about I will bring up Blogs and twitter. I will also try to convince you to get one or the other. (I have successfully convinced semi-complete strangers to get a blog, but never to start a twitter)

4. I try not to talk about Disney, but if you bring it up there is no way you will get me to stop talking about it (this is my one downfall in life)

5. I have a flat head and because of this I cannot wear headbands but I can balance things on my head. (Well I “believe” I have a flat head)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Verification Word

You know when you post a comment on someone’s blog, post a link of facebook, or start an online account with a bank they make you type in a random group of letters and numbers to make sure you aren’t some non-human computer hacking into the World Wide Web.

I just posted two comments on a friend Jeremy’s blog and each one of the verification words seemed like actual words to me.
Then I started to think that maybe the “internet people” were just trying to confuse me and make me feel stupid… by saying “HA, you are to dumb to realize you are typing in an actual word and not just a random combination of letters”
(Of course I was also too stupid to write down the words to see if they were actual words or not, but that really is unimportant).

Anyway. My point is... verification words should always be a random combination of words and letters. (but then again, a non-human computer super genius probably thinks in numbers and letters and that would take away the whole idea of having a verification word)….
So maybe I don’t have a point.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Bucket List

My roommate (steph) and I made a list of things we wanted to accomplish over the summer and to make sure we did these things we wrote them on a very "permanent" marker board.
I was recently "elected" by my family to spend the summer taking care of my mother and as a result I sadly had to put the items on my bucket list on hold until this fall. *insert sad face*

but to honor our summer bucket list I decided to share some of them with you

- climb the tree outside of our house. (we probably won't be able to do this after July, but we could change it to any tree)
- ride on the back of a motorcycle (prefer a green one).... yeah this is definitely a Steph item
- become friends with someone who has a beard (prefer one that looks artsy... and it is kind-of sad that I have a specific beard in mind)
- find a job (yeah i'm funny)
- buy "those girl" dresses and where them out on random nights, like Tuesday night at brothers.

I have also decided to come up with a list of things I want to do before I graduate and I'm positive that you will either find those things super interesting or utterly boring.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Graham pic

I have recently figured out how to take pictures off my phone and put them on my twitter.
so here is one of the many very exciting photos of me and Graham.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Graham v. Kinsey

Every year my sisters and I take a Sloss sister annual vacation and this year, b/c of many unexpected events, our annual vacation has been put on hold.

But as a result of Kassie coming to Iowa this weekend with her new baby (Graham) and her husband, I have decided that this weekend is officially the 4th annual Sloss sister vacation (even though the majority of the time has been spent in my mom's hospital room and has included such exciting events as going out to eat and holding Graham)

I have learned a lot about newborns the past couple of days. The most exciting of these have been: how to hold graham, telling him my life plan or asking him random questions (that always allows you to come up with a random answer for him), and how Graham and a hung-over person (i.e Kinsey) lead the same life.

Since the other members of my family have all disappeared on me I have come to some conclusions to how Graham and Kinsey are similar.

Reasons Kinsey is like Graham (in reference to being hung-over… )
- she really likes to sleep
- she will not answer your questions
- she isn’t wearing any shoes
- if you rub her back she may spit up (or throw up)
- loud noises makes her uncomfortable
- she doesn’t really smile (well maybe a fake smile)

Reasons Graham is better then Kinsey (at being hung-over…)
- he makes noises
- he is not sleeping on the floor
- he doesn’t disappear for 30 minutes at a time
- random smells don't make him want to throw up
- he has had something to eat today
- you can talk to him

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

History Channel

thought of the day:
I really want to be on the history channel one day (or national geographic channel).  

new life goal:
obsess over one thing and one day when they need an expert on a subject they will call me up and I can have my own history channel special. 

bike ride

Yesterday I road my bike (well kaci's bike) to Sycamore Mall and I got lost on the way there and on the way back .  (yeah go me!)
I then made the mistake of working out for like 45 minutes yesterday. 
needless to say I woke up feeling very stiff and soar this morning. and it made me realize I desperately need to change my work out plan if riding my bike for less then an hour makes me feel very soar. 

so I  am thinking I may start riding the bike everyday just for fun.  

oh ps... I all most crashed the bike yesterday, but I didn't so once again. Go Me!