Monday, May 18, 2009

reasons why i love mtv

1. it makes me feel really good about yourself.  you know that whenever you watch an episode of true life at the end of it you will feel way better about yourself.

2. show like "made" teach you great lessons.  I'm watching one right now and they are teaching me how to flirt. 

3.  the reality shows make you secretly wish that you had blonde hair and lived in california

4. it is so easy to make fun of the stupid freshmen on college life, bc you knew you were never like that.  :)

5.  their dating shows are the best.  you are allowed to go through your dates belongings, you get paid to date, you can date multiple people in one 30 minute segment, and basically it is awesome.

6. they randomly play awesome movies.  


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  2. mtv is great.
    & i'm glad you're taking a lesson from MADE since we talked about this the other night ;)

    you know you love me.