Thursday, May 28, 2009

Full House Disney episode

I turned on the TV this morning and to my surprise the Full House episode that was playing was one that involved them going to Walt Disney World.
at first I was excited bc i knew that I would recognize all the places they would go to and i would be able to judge it with my Disney knowledge.

I normally hate Full House, and this episode was not an expectation. (it was by far the worst hour I have ever spent watching anything Disney)

so I made a list of things wrong with this episode (I promise after this blog, I will try not to do list anymore)

1. none of the cast members they interacted with were wearing name tags. and as a former cast member I know that this means they were not in full costume and could potentially get a point for it.

2. when the girls first arrive to magic kingdom they do a camera shot that reveals main street USA and there is no one on it and the shop doors are closed, even though you are suppose to believe that they arrived to the park after it opened.

3. they are staying on the boardwalk. which is closet to EPCOT, but there is not an easy direct way to get to magic kingdom from their resort. but they make countless references which would make you believe that MK was justt across the street.

4. they have time to go to MK, their resort, back to MK to have a tea party, back to the resort, Hollywood Studios (MGM) to see Indiania Jones, and then back to their resort before the 3 o'clock parade at MK. there is no way they would be able to do this.

5. Joey goes to the animation studio at MGM, which is just ridiculous bc obviously they would not let just anybody go to the animation studios (which are always locked up)

6. chip and dale sit outside waiting for Jesse for more then 45 minutes. (characters are busy people and do not have time to sit in one place for an hour)

7. Danny proposes to Vicky with personalized fireworks... (yeah right)

8. during the fireworks you can clearly see characters (ie. minnie, mickey, caption hook, prince charming) in the crowd, obviously that would never happen.

9. when Michelle goes missing they do a crowd shoot and no one is moving, which is another ridiculous moment. (people do not stand around the fantasy land for fun)

10. when they ride splash mountain their is to empty seats.... (once again, yeah right)

conclusion: TV episodes about disney world are completely ridiculous and you should not believe that any thing extra special is going to happen to you on your disney vacation.


  1. You are ruining every little kids disney dreams.

  2. only little kids who reads random peoples blogs.....