Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cereal Bars

I was recently talking to a friend and the subject of how amazing Pixar is because they have a cereal bar. And of course right after I said this his response is “Hillcrest, Burge, and every buffet in the world has a cereal bar.”

Which automatically made me upset, because I can honestly say I have never mixed any of my cereal all the times I have eaten at a buffet.

Being the person I am I have made a list of ten places that I would use the cereal bar function to the max.

10. Pixar (I also have a list of a million other things I would do if I am allowed to go into the Pixar studios, but that is a whole other blog)

9. A cereal factory

8. A cereal bar in any mall. It just looks really cool (probably over priced, but cool)

7. Really any place that is going to devote anytime to making a restaurant that only serves cereal and creating a website (they have a shop in Miami… I’m thinking about a road trip)

6. A hospital. (I don’t think Mercy has one but I am sure one of those children hospitals do… I could at least get a whole bunch of different boxes of cereal and put them together)

5. White House (I’m not completely sure if they have one, but I am sure they do)

4. Las Vegas (it may come with a side of alcohol which is always a plus when you are eating froot loops)

3. Disney World (I never actually saw a cereal bar when I worked there, but of course that was before I realized how awesome they could be)

2. I suppose I should put Hillcrest or Burge on this list… I don’t want to but I will

1. Egypt (I really just have a great desire to go there)

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  1. You could create a cereal bar in your apartment.