Thursday, May 28, 2009

Full House Disney episode

I turned on the TV this morning and to my surprise the Full House episode that was playing was one that involved them going to Walt Disney World.
at first I was excited bc i knew that I would recognize all the places they would go to and i would be able to judge it with my Disney knowledge.

I normally hate Full House, and this episode was not an expectation. (it was by far the worst hour I have ever spent watching anything Disney)

so I made a list of things wrong with this episode (I promise after this blog, I will try not to do list anymore)

1. none of the cast members they interacted with were wearing name tags. and as a former cast member I know that this means they were not in full costume and could potentially get a point for it.

2. when the girls first arrive to magic kingdom they do a camera shot that reveals main street USA and there is no one on it and the shop doors are closed, even though you are suppose to believe that they arrived to the park after it opened.

3. they are staying on the boardwalk. which is closet to EPCOT, but there is not an easy direct way to get to magic kingdom from their resort. but they make countless references which would make you believe that MK was justt across the street.

4. they have time to go to MK, their resort, back to MK to have a tea party, back to the resort, Hollywood Studios (MGM) to see Indiania Jones, and then back to their resort before the 3 o'clock parade at MK. there is no way they would be able to do this.

5. Joey goes to the animation studio at MGM, which is just ridiculous bc obviously they would not let just anybody go to the animation studios (which are always locked up)

6. chip and dale sit outside waiting for Jesse for more then 45 minutes. (characters are busy people and do not have time to sit in one place for an hour)

7. Danny proposes to Vicky with personalized fireworks... (yeah right)

8. during the fireworks you can clearly see characters (ie. minnie, mickey, caption hook, prince charming) in the crowd, obviously that would never happen.

9. when Michelle goes missing they do a crowd shoot and no one is moving, which is another ridiculous moment. (people do not stand around the fantasy land for fun)

10. when they ride splash mountain their is to empty seats.... (once again, yeah right)

conclusion: TV episodes about disney world are completely ridiculous and you should not believe that any thing extra special is going to happen to you on your disney vacation.

Friday, May 22, 2009


I’m slightly bored.

And I have run out of things to do on the internet.

-I have already googled everyone I know

-I have Iowa Court Record everyone who I haven’t already

-I was done Facebook stalking everyone about 2 hours ago (I am now debating going through and deleting fb friends who I have never actually talked too.. but that may take to long)

-I have searched and read at least a million random blogs

-I can no longer think of random thoughts to tweet about

And the beeping of the hospital machine is driving me slightly insane.

Alex and Devin Knaub

My friend Alex got married this past weekend... here are a few photos from the event.
The ceremony
the cake
The first dance... they danced to beauty and the beast (it gives me hope for my wedding)
Bridesmaids and groomsmen (minus one)
Me and the beautiful bride
the wedding dress

The bridesmaids these girls were amazing

Newsweek v. Time

Newsweek has been my favorite news magazine for at least the past 5 years of my life. I remember during the 2004 election they had far better state by state coverage of the national political campaigns and Time seemed to be (in my mind) over shadowed by the awesomeness of Newsweek.

But something happened in the past year and Newsweek started to well… stink… and started being over shadowed by Time.

There is a clear explanation for this and that revolves around the idea that print media is a thing of the past and people prefer getting their news from the Internet.

To be clear Time also seemed to lose some of its awesomeness this past year; the articles started to be shorter, their started being more adds, and the magazine it self seemed to shrink in size.

Newsweek also got rid of (what they thought was) unneeded graphics and after about 2 months I got use to reading a blah magazine… but this past week that all changed.

They now have this weird header on top of every page that looks like a poorly done Photoshop job for a high school year book. The magazine also seemed to double in size, with more graphics, larger print, and weird sub-sections.

It is clear that the dull boring Newsweek was not what its readers wanted and they needed something to pull the readers in…. but in my opinion it didn’t work.

Anyway, the point of this post is to let everyone know that Newsweek is no longer my favorite magazine and has been over shadowed by Time

(Time does have the Pop Chart, which I do learn all my pop knowledge from… so it is going to take a lot of Newsweek to win me back over)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cereal Bars

I was recently talking to a friend and the subject of how amazing Pixar is because they have a cereal bar. And of course right after I said this his response is “Hillcrest, Burge, and every buffet in the world has a cereal bar.”

Which automatically made me upset, because I can honestly say I have never mixed any of my cereal all the times I have eaten at a buffet.

Being the person I am I have made a list of ten places that I would use the cereal bar function to the max.

10. Pixar (I also have a list of a million other things I would do if I am allowed to go into the Pixar studios, but that is a whole other blog)

9. A cereal factory

8. A cereal bar in any mall. It just looks really cool (probably over priced, but cool)

7. Really any place that is going to devote anytime to making a restaurant that only serves cereal and creating a website (they have a shop in Miami… I’m thinking about a road trip)

6. A hospital. (I don’t think Mercy has one but I am sure one of those children hospitals do… I could at least get a whole bunch of different boxes of cereal and put them together)

5. White House (I’m not completely sure if they have one, but I am sure they do)

4. Las Vegas (it may come with a side of alcohol which is always a plus when you are eating froot loops)

3. Disney World (I never actually saw a cereal bar when I worked there, but of course that was before I realized how awesome they could be)

2. I suppose I should put Hillcrest or Burge on this list… I don’t want to but I will

1. Egypt (I really just have a great desire to go there)

Monday, May 18, 2009

reasons why i love mtv

1. it makes me feel really good about yourself.  you know that whenever you watch an episode of true life at the end of it you will feel way better about yourself.

2. show like "made" teach you great lessons.  I'm watching one right now and they are teaching me how to flirt. 

3.  the reality shows make you secretly wish that you had blonde hair and lived in california

4. it is so easy to make fun of the stupid freshmen on college life, bc you knew you were never like that.  :)

5.  their dating shows are the best.  you are allowed to go through your dates belongings, you get paid to date, you can date multiple people in one 30 minute segment, and basically it is awesome.

6. they randomly play awesome movies.  

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

true story

I was walking home last night and this homeless man was sitting on the side of the street and he asked me and my roommates for money.
and of course i had none and told him sorry.

- his response was "I like your glasses"
- I say thanks thanks
- he responds "maybe you should get contacts"
- and being the idiot I am I respond to the homeless man "I can't afford contacts" and then I left.

Monday, May 4, 2009

reasons i rock at life

1. I just sent out 6 emails to journalist about there thoughts on the swine flu. I got done sending three and on the 4th one I realized I said N1H1 instead of H1N1.

2. this paper is due Wednesday and I have to interview 3 journalist by then