Sunday, April 19, 2009

Why I love my Mom

Ever since my sister Kassie wrote a list of 30 reasons why she loves her husband, My mom has been on this kick where she wants everyone to list reasons why they love each other (normally this is just targeted at my dad). 
My mom has been in the hospital for the past couple of days and this has given me plenty of time to think about the 30 reasons why I love my mom.  

1. She is my sisters/brother’s mom
2. She tells great stories (most of the time random, but still great)
3. Whenever you receive any kind of letter from her you can expect there to be a couple of dollars in it.
4. She will mail you a newspaper clipping just to make you smile
5. She loves my dad (she doesn’t like to admit it, but I think she does)

6. Growing up she allowed me to break 3 baby beds
7. She has always allowed me to make my own decisions in life
8. She loved me even when I was a “pain in the butt"
9. She told Kinsey and I the same story after our 21st birthdays (a story that involved the first time she drank, how she was hangover for a week, and as a result never drinks)
10. She puts a lot of thought into her emails (and more recently blog posts)

11. She has a list of tv shows she watches every night (and you know not to call her during those times… even if you are a freshmen in college and a tornado is coming through iowa city)
12. She was really upset when they changed her bingo day and I love the idea of having one thing you do every week for fun
13. Every year she gets me a subscription to Newsweek and Time
14. When you really care about something she will also care about it
15. She will always tell you that you look beautiful

16. She considers your really good friends part of the family and will send them monthly packages
17. When you bring her a USA Today it will make her weekend
18. She loves receiving postcards
19. She was okay with us sleeping in when we were in high school as long as we woke up before my dad got off of work
20. She taught me that you should always write thank you notes

21. She thinks I am creative
22. She will tell every single one of her daughters that they are her favorite (especially in notes when you know the other sisters will see it)
23. She makes me smile
24. She will tell those embarrassing story about your childhood to people you barely know
25. She kept a diary for everyone of her children and wrote in it every month (I have told her countless times that if I become famous she can sell it for millions)

26. She quit smoking
27. She knows her children love her
28. She would go to all of our sporting events growing up, even though none of her children are athletic
29. She thinks all of her children love gushers and will always have 5 boxes sitting at home
30. Because she is my mother and understand my randomness


  1. Aw. That is so sweet. :D I wish my mom had a blog.

  2. i liked this a whole lot :) someday mom will read it and i'm sure she will cry a whole're a great daughter :)

  3. kelsey you're amamzing
    and so is your mom!!

  4. i also agree with allison and that is why i love you both and the rest of your family as well