Saturday, April 18, 2009


my friend Derek recommended that I join (mostly because he wrote it as his twitter status and I will give into any new form of technology).

it is really cool you click on things that you may interested in (ie politics, photography, news, etc.) and then it does the same thing that a blogroll would do (go through random sites you may be interested in...)

I have found a couple of results that I love
one is a photograph of a a city landscape and when you move your mouse the time of day changes

and the other one acts as a search engine where you type in a word (like awesome) and it will show you flickr picture of things that are awesome and also give you a list of other random things that are related to being awesome awesome (like kelsey) and then you can click on kelsey and it will give you a list of words related to kelsey (and it goes on and on forever....)

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  1. I new you would like it! I am following you now. ;)