Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Reality TV

I’m currently on this crazy life long quest (well before I’m 30 quest) to start my own reality show.
I have decided I am an interesting enough individual to have a reality show and I would be even more interesting if I got paid to do the amazing things I already do for free.

It is no secret that there are a million reality shows on television and there has been tons since survivor became a hit and MTV started filming “normal” teens in shows like Laguna Beach and The Hills.

But recently there have been two television shows that after I watched I thought “hey if they can have a reality show, why can’t I… I am way more interesting.”
One of them is College Life which on MTV and follows 4 freshmen college students and the other is Paranormal State which follows around a group of Penn state students who are part of a paranormal club on their campus.

Both of these shows are slightly ridiculous, but I have decided if someone wants to watch a college freshmen go through pointless problems somebody would want to watch my pointless life. (And since we all know I am slightly narcissistic … this idea could actually work).

I googled “how to get your own reality show” and found out all you really need is to be interesting, own a mac, and a video camera.
… so as soon as i can afford to get a Mac and a video camera I’ll start my own show, so be prepared (it is going to be awesome)


  1. You don't need a Mac, just good video editing software. I think you should film your life. Would I get to make guest appearances?

  2. I'm excited for this kelsey.
    you almost convinced stephanie to buy a video camera a couple weeks ago...

    I'd watch your show.
    I bet you can get it on public access channel through the university.
    that should be your project this summer!