Monday, April 13, 2009


I recently read a piece in time magazine by Joel Stein entitled “Why Joel Stein Is Not a Narcissist. I generally love reading his articles but after this past week’s issue I decided I want his job.

The lead of his article started off by stating “One thing I've learned about me after a lot of Googling myself….

Automatically I made my roommates stop what they were doing for they could listen to me talk about how much I love this Joel character. (Mostly just because he mentioned googling himself). Even though we were enjoying 60 degree Iowa weather my roommates didn’t seem to mind me reading tid-bits out of his article.

The articles talks about the level of narcissism people have and how it has gone up a huge percent since the rise of YouTube, blogs, etc.
The average American scores a 15.3, the average celebrity are close to an 18, and a narcissist scores over 20.
Of course the only thing any normal American would do would to be google what a Narcissism Personality Inventory Test was and to take the quiz.

I scored a 17... I considered retaking the test because I don’t believe it is accurate at all considering this Joel character had of score of 14 and he has his own column in Times magazine.

Joel interviewed a person who claimed to be an expert on narcissism and said "No one ever talks about how much they like history on MySpace. They talk about how hot they are," (Twenge).
And I can’t recall me ever talking about how hot I am (even though I am) and I talk about history all the time (well if you include national geographic channel).

Basically I want his job because he is allowed to write a whole article about how awesome he is (in a non-narcissistic way)


  1. I scored a 13. Wow Kelsey you must think you are really really awesome. That is okay though - because you are ;)

  2. John scored a 25...he is kind of a prick.

  3. i don't know if i believe kinsey...

    stephanie did score a 27. which makes me feel better about myself and she was completely okay with it.... (in a narcissistic way)

  4. its not narcissim self confidence lol