Sunday, April 26, 2009


Things I have learned from the hospital (I really just like making lists)

1. Everything smells the same
2. You may think a chair is pretty comfortable until you try to sleep in one (I don’t know how kaci does it night after night)
3. Hospitals are great for family bonding time.
4. The nurse my mom has right now is great, each time she comes in she asks if I need anything (one of these times I may actually say yes to the soda or sandwich she has offered me)
5. The current nurse has a degree in political science… it is nice to know I can become a nurse if I don’t get a real job.

6. When your mother is not capable of speaking but has a pen and a notebook she will tell amazing stories.
7. And after spending 2 hours with her you will understand her random sign language.
8. Your mom will also pretend she is getting tired when you are trying to tell her about your life… but then preceded to tell you that she loves you when you realize she is just pretending.
9. I know Kaci has mentioned this before but I really have no idea what you did at the hospital 20 years ago. Without a computer or cell phone I would probably go insane. (Puzzles and books are not great entertainment)
10. You should never bring homework to the hospital… I have yet to open a book (maybe the internet is a bad thing)

11. Contrary to what you have learned from daytime soaps or late night tv, when a machine beeps (a lot) if doesn’t necessarily mean anything is going wrong. Instead they use it as a tactic to make you go slightly insane.
12. If you turn the tv to the Disney channel no on will turn the channel and you can watch a whole day worth of Phineas and Ferb episodes.
13. The days go by surprisingly fast
14. Vicodin can do two things (1) make you fall asleep (2) tell the most random stories.
15. my family is hilarious. (especially Kaci)


  1. This made me laugh a whole lot! ---kaci

  2. 5. The current nurse has a degree in political science… it is nice to know I can become a nurse if I don’t get a real job.

    *Cause nursing is not a real job.
    Hope you didn't tell your nurse that. :(

  3. no i meant as political science isn't a real major. :)

  4. But that is not what you said.

  5. I love every post of yours... keep 'em coming!

  6. LOL. I love that you spent the whole day watching Phineas and Ferb. That is so something that I would do. The Disney Channel is amazingly addictive.