Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ethics Paper

being the good student I am I decided to wait until the last minute to write my Journalism ethics paper.
I'm currently on page 5 and of course I have run out of things to say and of course i have 5 more pages to go.

I am supposed to be witting about the Adnan Hajj photograph controversy, but my paper has mostly been about this random blog that reported on Hajj Photoshopped images.

of course I love Photoshop and think it is amazing and that every photosgraph should be edited before it is printed... as of now my paper is headed in the "how Photoshop is okay and who care about journalism ethics" instead of the "Photoshop is wrong and unethical" point I should be trying to make.

yeah i can just imagine my teacher hating my paper for multiple reasons
(1) it talks about blogs... and how they are great form of journalism (journalist really hate hearing that)
(2) that Photoshop is awesome... screw ethics.


  1. I hope you use spell check when you type your paper. This blog is a mess. ;-)

  2. HaHa ethics.
    but now you're done with it yay!!