Wednesday, April 8, 2009

2nd semester senior year

I just came to the realization that I was an idiot for taking a semester off to work at Disney because all my friends are graduating in May. (Minus steph , Kinsey, and alex)

Last night when I was enjoying a margarita at Fiesta Mexico I came to the conclusion that I’m going to spend my first semester of my senior year (the semester I’m currently in) as if it was my second semester of my senior year.

Stephanie, in a way, helped me come to this solution because her being “smart” and a biology major she will still have to take hard classes next semester.

And because of that I will not be able to spend my last semester of college going out on random nights and celebrating days like Sunday Funday

So my solution to this problem is to pretend I am a second semester senior with all my friends and enjoy the weekday drinking that you are only allowed to do if you are an alcoholic, stupid freshman, or a smart senior.


  1. great blog kelsey!
    happy 2nd semester of senior year!!

    don't forget to copyright your tagline "random thoughts by ksloss" because any one of your sisters can use it too...
    yay i can't wait to edit and publish your book!!

    ...ugh i still feel cruddy from fiesta mexico.

  2. Kelsey good luck with your writing. I always thought you were a good writer.

  3. You should probably get a job to fund your second semester senior year. Just a thought... =)

  4. how are you going to afford to be a second semester senior?