Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ethics Paper

being the good student I am I decided to wait until the last minute to write my Journalism ethics paper.
I'm currently on page 5 and of course I have run out of things to say and of course i have 5 more pages to go.

I am supposed to be witting about the Adnan Hajj photograph controversy, but my paper has mostly been about this random blog that reported on Hajj Photoshopped images.

of course I love Photoshop and think it is amazing and that every photosgraph should be edited before it is printed... as of now my paper is headed in the "how Photoshop is okay and who care about journalism ethics" instead of the "Photoshop is wrong and unethical" point I should be trying to make.

yeah i can just imagine my teacher hating my paper for multiple reasons
(1) it talks about blogs... and how they are great form of journalism (journalist really hate hearing that)
(2) that Photoshop is awesome... screw ethics.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Reality TV

I’m currently on this crazy life long quest (well before I’m 30 quest) to start my own reality show.
I have decided I am an interesting enough individual to have a reality show and I would be even more interesting if I got paid to do the amazing things I already do for free.

It is no secret that there are a million reality shows on television and there has been tons since survivor became a hit and MTV started filming “normal” teens in shows like Laguna Beach and The Hills.

But recently there have been two television shows that after I watched I thought “hey if they can have a reality show, why can’t I… I am way more interesting.”
One of them is College Life which on MTV and follows 4 freshmen college students and the other is Paranormal State which follows around a group of Penn state students who are part of a paranormal club on their campus.

Both of these shows are slightly ridiculous, but I have decided if someone wants to watch a college freshmen go through pointless problems somebody would want to watch my pointless life. (And since we all know I am slightly narcissistic … this idea could actually work).

I googled “how to get your own reality show” and found out all you really need is to be interesting, own a mac, and a video camera.
… so as soon as i can afford to get a Mac and a video camera I’ll start my own show, so be prepared (it is going to be awesome)

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Things I have learned from the hospital (I really just like making lists)

1. Everything smells the same
2. You may think a chair is pretty comfortable until you try to sleep in one (I don’t know how kaci does it night after night)
3. Hospitals are great for family bonding time.
4. The nurse my mom has right now is great, each time she comes in she asks if I need anything (one of these times I may actually say yes to the soda or sandwich she has offered me)
5. The current nurse has a degree in political science… it is nice to know I can become a nurse if I don’t get a real job.

6. When your mother is not capable of speaking but has a pen and a notebook she will tell amazing stories.
7. And after spending 2 hours with her you will understand her random sign language.
8. Your mom will also pretend she is getting tired when you are trying to tell her about your life… but then preceded to tell you that she loves you when you realize she is just pretending.
9. I know Kaci has mentioned this before but I really have no idea what you did at the hospital 20 years ago. Without a computer or cell phone I would probably go insane. (Puzzles and books are not great entertainment)
10. You should never bring homework to the hospital… I have yet to open a book (maybe the internet is a bad thing)

11. Contrary to what you have learned from daytime soaps or late night tv, when a machine beeps (a lot) if doesn’t necessarily mean anything is going wrong. Instead they use it as a tactic to make you go slightly insane.
12. If you turn the tv to the Disney channel no on will turn the channel and you can watch a whole day worth of Phineas and Ferb episodes.
13. The days go by surprisingly fast
14. Vicodin can do two things (1) make you fall asleep (2) tell the most random stories.
15. my family is hilarious. (especially Kaci)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kinsey introduced me to this website and the only word i can use to describe it is hilarious.


Friday, April 24, 2009

30 second bunnies

on starz they have this amazing thing called 30 second bunnies where cartoon bunnies act out a popular movie for 30 seconds.
i just found out you can watch them online and i would recommend that everyone take 30 seconds out of there day to watch at least one... it's great

I assume that everyone has seen Titanic... so i hope you enjoyed the 30 second recap.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Why I love my Mom

Ever since my sister Kassie wrote a list of 30 reasons why she loves her husband, My mom has been on this kick where she wants everyone to list reasons why they love each other (normally this is just targeted at my dad). 
My mom has been in the hospital for the past couple of days and this has given me plenty of time to think about the 30 reasons why I love my mom.  

1. She is my sisters/brother’s mom
2. She tells great stories (most of the time random, but still great)
3. Whenever you receive any kind of letter from her you can expect there to be a couple of dollars in it.
4. She will mail you a newspaper clipping just to make you smile
5. She loves my dad (she doesn’t like to admit it, but I think she does)

6. Growing up she allowed me to break 3 baby beds
7. She has always allowed me to make my own decisions in life
8. She loved me even when I was a “pain in the butt"
9. She told Kinsey and I the same story after our 21st birthdays (a story that involved the first time she drank, how she was hangover for a week, and as a result never drinks)
10. She puts a lot of thought into her emails (and more recently blog posts)

11. She has a list of tv shows she watches every night (and you know not to call her during those times… even if you are a freshmen in college and a tornado is coming through iowa city)
12. She was really upset when they changed her bingo day and I love the idea of having one thing you do every week for fun
13. Every year she gets me a subscription to Newsweek and Time
14. When you really care about something she will also care about it
15. She will always tell you that you look beautiful

16. She considers your really good friends part of the family and will send them monthly packages
17. When you bring her a USA Today it will make her weekend
18. She loves receiving postcards
19. She was okay with us sleeping in when we were in high school as long as we woke up before my dad got off of work
20. She taught me that you should always write thank you notes

21. She thinks I am creative
22. She will tell every single one of her daughters that they are her favorite (especially in notes when you know the other sisters will see it)
23. She makes me smile
24. She will tell those embarrassing story about your childhood to people you barely know
25. She kept a diary for everyone of her children and wrote in it every month (I have told her countless times that if I become famous she can sell it for millions)

26. She quit smoking
27. She knows her children love her
28. She would go to all of our sporting events growing up, even though none of her children are athletic
29. She thinks all of her children love gushers and will always have 5 boxes sitting at home
30. Because she is my mother and understand my randomness

Saturday, April 18, 2009


my friend Derek recommended that I join (mostly because he wrote it as his twitter status and I will give into any new form of technology).

it is really cool you click on things that you may interested in (ie politics, photography, news, etc.) and then it does the same thing that a blogroll would do (go through random sites you may be interested in...)

I have found a couple of results that I love
one is a photograph of a a city landscape and when you move your mouse the time of day changes

and the other one acts as a search engine where you type in a word (like awesome) and it will show you flickr picture of things that are awesome and also give you a list of other random things that are related to being awesome awesome (like kelsey) and then you can click on kelsey and it will give you a list of words related to kelsey (and it goes on and on forever....)

Zac Efron

I'm spending the night with my mom in the hospital and since she is taking a nap right now and I have access to a computer I have been spending way to much time looking at YouTube videos

I found a video of Zac Efron on SNL and it was hilarious.
(you will have to go to the SNL website to see it, bc NBC is really good about not letting their clips go on youtube)
in the clip troy bolton goes back to east high and tells everyone how no one sings and dances in the real world... it was awesome.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I love that pirates are in the news.

and when I read an article like this...
French forces detained 11 people suspected of being pirates during an assault on what they described as a pirate “mother ship” in the Indian Ocean off Somalia on Wednesday...

I can only wish that there is someone in the world who thinks that these pirates are just like Captain Jack Sparrow and wear eye patches and funny hats.
and for that main reason I have yet to finish a whole news article about these "pirates"

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

poor disney :(

so my dream of graduating and working at disney are going down the drain considering they have been laying off people like crazy.
to be exact...
"Disney has eliminated 1,900 U.S.-based positions since mid-February. Some 900 salaried employees working at Disney's theme parks in Florida were laid off, and 700 open positions were eliminated" (CNN)

on a side note i was going to write an article about how different newspapers have been reporting on the Disney's layoffs and i found this cartoon (and since i love snow white) i figured i would share it with all of you.

Monday, April 13, 2009


I'm currently talking to one of my Disney friends (Derek) and he informed me of a couple of things

1) apparently I am aloud person

2) it is very easy to pretend to be a celebrity and make reservations at a hotel

3) when you need to be doing homework there will always be a more interesting person on facebook chat

4) I miss my Disney friends

5) people love my awesomeness


I just got a twitter ... I figure I might as well give into the trend and attempt to be cool.
So far I have no idea what I am doing and have 2 followers. (Kinsey is one of them)
yeah I am cool.


I recently read a piece in time magazine by Joel Stein entitled “Why Joel Stein Is Not a Narcissist. I generally love reading his articles but after this past week’s issue I decided I want his job.

The lead of his article started off by stating “One thing I've learned about me after a lot of Googling myself….

Automatically I made my roommates stop what they were doing for they could listen to me talk about how much I love this Joel character. (Mostly just because he mentioned googling himself). Even though we were enjoying 60 degree Iowa weather my roommates didn’t seem to mind me reading tid-bits out of his article.

The articles talks about the level of narcissism people have and how it has gone up a huge percent since the rise of YouTube, blogs, etc.
The average American scores a 15.3, the average celebrity are close to an 18, and a narcissist scores over 20.
Of course the only thing any normal American would do would to be google what a Narcissism Personality Inventory Test was and to take the quiz.

I scored a 17... I considered retaking the test because I don’t believe it is accurate at all considering this Joel character had of score of 14 and he has his own column in Times magazine.

Joel interviewed a person who claimed to be an expert on narcissism and said "No one ever talks about how much they like history on MySpace. They talk about how hot they are," (Twenge).
And I can’t recall me ever talking about how hot I am (even though I am) and I talk about history all the time (well if you include national geographic channel).

Basically I want his job because he is allowed to write a whole article about how awesome he is (in a non-narcissistic way)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

killer whales

I have been watching a lot of stuff on the national geographic channel and on Friday I watched a special about killer whales and it completely freaked me out.

The whole time I was watching it I was scared that someday I would be on a boat and a killer whale would come to it and flip it over and then attack me.

I know being attacked by a killer whale is probably one of the last ways I could die but as of right now it is on top of my list of ways I wouldn’t want to die.

I am now more scared of this animal then of drowning and it am more likely that I would drown before I would get killed by a killer whale.

But this image should prove why I am scared... it could swallow me whole and not to mention tear me apart. (You should have seen what they did to some of the other animals... it was very intense)

Hannah Montana Movie

I just watched the Hannah Montana movie and it was amazing.

it may have been the greatest movie I have seen this year (but of course it is the only movie I have seen this year)

I may even go buy the soundtrack just because I loved the songs in the movie so much.

yeah... everyone should see it.

(ps I even shed a tear)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

2nd semester senior year

I just came to the realization that I was an idiot for taking a semester off to work at Disney because all my friends are graduating in May. (Minus steph , Kinsey, and alex)

Last night when I was enjoying a margarita at Fiesta Mexico I came to the conclusion that I’m going to spend my first semester of my senior year (the semester I’m currently in) as if it was my second semester of my senior year.

Stephanie, in a way, helped me come to this solution because her being “smart” and a biology major she will still have to take hard classes next semester.

And because of that I will not be able to spend my last semester of college going out on random nights and celebrating days like Sunday Funday

So my solution to this problem is to pretend I am a second semester senior with all my friends and enjoy the weekday drinking that you are only allowed to do if you are an alcoholic, stupid freshman, or a smart senior.

Fiesta Mexico

I have found my new favorite place to spend my nights at. Fiesta Mexico.

They have 1.99 margaritas Sunday through Wednesday and they give you free chips and salsa.

It’s amazing!

Monday, April 6, 2009


I just found out that legit wasn’t a real world. Mike informed me of this on Friday when I said legitly and he corrected me.
Apparently you are supposed to say legitimately…. Which I think just sounds stupid.
In conclusion I can no longer say one of my favorite words bc it is (legitly or I guess legitimately) a made up word.

I also realized that there is a whole group of people out there who hate when you use the word incorrectly.
I'm still going to use it.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

one more disney post...

this afternoon I was at the local Hy-vee reading a gossip magazine while waiting to check out and I turn to a page that had Britney Spears on it.
and I begin to do my freak out dance -the one where I recognize disney world stuff- and stephanie looks at me funny. 

there was a picture of Britney with her two sons in front of disney's hollywood studios.  The picture was placed in front of the theme billboard they have right in front if the entrance.  (it is a toy story midway mania billboard... but a "normal" person wouldn't know that). 
and I thought "hey I took that picture for at least a 100 guest" 

in conclusion, in a way (a very small way) I know Britney Spears.  

Disney Tween Stars

Since we all know the only thing I do with my free time is look up random disney videos... I fugred I would share this video I found last night

it is hilarious and I decided if i can't work for disney I want to work for someone who will make fun of disney