Friday, March 20, 2009

Walt Disney World

Yesterday Kinsey and I went to go visit Jeremy at Walt Disney World!!

We started off the day by taking john to work at 6:00am and then driving to Orlando. (it was 3 hours of fun, especially getting stuck in traffic).

Once we arrived in Orlando we picked up Jeremy and headed off to magic kingdom. There we watched phillar magic (my favorite), rode Aladdin’s magic carpet ride (I can now actually say I have ridden every ride at magic kingdom), snow white scary adventures, and watched the new street party parade.
We really didn’t do that much. But we took lots of photos and had a blast.

We then headed off to Hollywood studios where we watched the block party bash (Kinsey and I danced it in… pictures coming soon), High School Musical 3, went on the great movie ride, and got ice cream (I was really excited about ice cream). We also spent a lot of time talking to cast members I use to work with.
Here are a few pictures that I thought were important enough to go on my blog.

our buttons. we got a lot of comments on them. (basically it was awesome)

Kinsey really really wanted to get hats. so we got these. they were on sale and say "I never want to grow up."
we also got our names put on the back of them

The only characters we meet. Kinsey thought it was fully awesome. (they also really liked out buttons)

In front of tower of terror... we didn't go on it bc it was a 80 minutes wait (i'm still in the mind set that you should never wait more then 20 minutes for a ride)
In front of the hat waiting for the block party bash (it is still my fav)
Apparently they still gave out magical moments. Kinsey wrote a letter to the Incredibles saying that meet the robinsons were better, jeremy wrote his to the stars of bolt, and i wrote mine to snow white.

Our real magical moment happened when we went to get buttons from guest relations. they asked if there was just 3 people in our party and we said yes and then they asked if we were leaving the park and i said no. finally she asked if have gone on toy story yet and we said no because the line was to long. and then she gave us fast passes to toy story and said "i was waiting for a cute family to give them to" (apparently we are cute and Jeremy is our brother)

it was awesome. kinsey was super excited!

but of course we were 20 people away from getting on the ride and it broke down :( so we didn't get to ride it. they did give us fast passes that we could use until the 31st, but of course we were only there for the day so we gave them to Jeremy (and he better use them... or else)

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  1. I loved your buttons, very awesome. I am glad you are having a nice time. Are you both sun burn now!