Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stupid nice weather...

I spent last week in Florida where it was literally nicer in Iowa then in Jacksonville. But I accepted it and I was okay with the idea of Florida being a little chilly. I mean I did live there for 8 months and I know that it isn’t always sunny and they do have different seasons.

But what I am not okay with is it being nicer in Iowa. (Today isn’t a great example because it is in the 40’s). But the past couple of days it has been freakishly nice out and once again I am left wondering where all the snow went.

There are so many things I wasn’t able to do this winter. Like build a snow man, Have a snow ball fight, Catch snowflakes on my tongue, etc

Sure I can’t remember the last time I actually attempted to make a snow man but it is the idea that I won’t be able to make one this year that makes me angry.

I think I am allowed to hang on to the idea of snow until March is over. And I realize that once April comes around there will be no chance of snow and if it does snow it will be the fake ran/cold/snow crap.

So I’m currently annoyed with this nice weather we have been having and I know in a month I will love it, but as of right now I’m allowed to be annoyed.


  1. It is nice in Florida this week.

  2. I think there is snow coming this weekend, thats what they said at Bingo last night.