Tuesday, March 3, 2009


the other day I went grocery shopping and I decided to buy a couple of oranges bc I haven't had one in ages (i know it is hard to believe considering I lived in Florida for 8 months.)

this morning I decided to eat one for breakfast and i seem to forget how difficult it is to peel an orange. normally i would have just cut it in half but i really want to eat it on the go and obviously that would require that there be no peel.

so, I begin to attempt to do it with my hands and it literally takes me 5 minutes to get the peel of the orange and of course I'm now covered in "orange juice" so I have to go change (it would have taken less time for me just to cut the orange in half and eat it right there instead of on my way to class).

but anyway the point of my story. when I was standing there trying to peel this stupid orange I realized that if I was on a deserted island and all they had was orange I would probably die.
bc I'm pretty sure when I watched lost last week they were eating an orange (or something like an orange) and they were able to get the peel off with no problem.

and then I continued to think about it and realized I would probably die anyways because I have no idea how to swim. (and the only way I could end up on a deserted island would be if my plane fell into a body of water).
... and then i was okay with the idea that i have no idea to peel an orange. bc I would probably have to deal with the issue of not being able to swim before I was put in a situation where the only thing I had to eat was oranges.


  1. I thought you knew how to swin. So up at Battle Lake, when I would yell at you for being out to far. I was correct on telling you, you were out to far. [in not these nice words but in other chosen words}

  2. I haven't had an orange for a long time either. I get orange juice lots, but not actual oranges. How is that job search going?

  3. secret of peeling of an orange. you roll it around on the table for a bit and put pressure on it...it makes it super easy to peel...it's pretty much amazing!

  4. I haven't had a single orange since I moved to Florida. I haven't even had orange juice. I guess I'm just not a citrus-y person. Kind of odd considering I live in Orange County. But what're ya going to do?