Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kassie and Florida

Today we arrived in Jacksonville, FL and I’m pretty sure it was nicer in iowa then here. Which really stinks considering I was hoping to become tan (well at least a nice shade of pink) over the week.

The highlight of my day today was that we went to CiCi. It reminded me of Orlando (minus the fact that they didn’t have chesse sticks) I’m actually shocked we went considering Kassie hates it. But I guess I have some kind of power over her.

I also started taking down the wallpaper in her bathroom… it is my baby shower gift for graham (I figured when he is 16 and brings a girl over he will be glad his bathroom doesn’t have wallpaper… I’m looking into the future)
Hopefully I finish by tomorrow.

Kassie is having her baby shower on Saturday and we are going out to eat on Friday (with some of her friends).

I'm really excited that I get to see Jeremy on Thursday… and get to go back to Disney for a day.
i am so so very excited!!!!!!!
(but i am also really excited to hang out with Kassie)

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  1. Have fun, Honey! Give Kassie a hug for me!!