Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Free Throws

I remember having to take Kinsey to basketball practice every day at 7:30 am just for she could practice her free throws with her team. And I always thought the same thing… you should always be able to make them if you are putting in 2 1/2 hours every weak just to practice your free throws.

The only basketball knowledge I have is what Kinsey told me years ago (and to be honest I should find a better person). Which mostly consist of “it’s harder than it looks”

but my theory is if she had to practice every morning to perfect her free throw skills then college players (or even professional players) should always be able to make a free throw.

I figure if Kinsey had to spend 10 hours a month for 3-4 months.. that is like 30-40 hours a year on practicing. Someone who is actually good would spend 3 times that trying to perfect their skills (I’m not good at math so you don’t get a number)

But I’m not a huge sports fan so I really have no idea how hard it is to make a free throw, but I also assume that if you are a college basketball there should be no reason why you cannot make one.

I have lived with this theory for almost 8 years now and I just learned that I was wrong and Kinsey was right… I guess it really is hard to make a free throw

There was a New York Times article published last week called "For Free Throws, 50 Years of Practice is no help"

and it stated that ...

"Since the mid-1960s, college men’s players have made about 69 percent of free throws..... It has dropped as low as 67.1 but never topped 70."


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  2. the college basketball team with the highest free throw percentage collectively is Southern Utah (79.6%), Northern Iowa is 18th with 75.2%, and Iowa is 26th with 74.3%. Iowa State is not on the list of 101 teams...

    The two best college basketball players shoot 59% (Blake Griffen) and 84% (Tyler Hansbrough)... bonus points if you know what schools they play at...

  3. Oklahoma and north Carolina... why wouldn't i know that.

    (well google knew it and i am pretty good at searching for things)

  4. I would think after years of practice you should be able to hit more than 59%. Thats barley more than half. These guys will be making major dollars in a few years. I don't think they are practicing enough. A baseball pitcher would never get away with only throwing 59% good pitches. So how many free throws did Kinsey actually make in all those years of BB?