Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bootcamp and the airport

Kinsey and I spent 2-3 hours last night sitting at the Chicago airport watching a group of individuals go off to bootcamp.

Here are a few things I have learned from observing the navy ROTC recruits

1. after you arrive at the airport for boot camp they give you a list of rules to follow for the next 1-2 hours.

a. You have to hold your army record in your left hand and you can not look at it
b. You have to hold you bag in your right hand (you are not allowed to put it around your shoulder.)
c. You are not allowed to bring food, cigarettes, lighters, liquids with you and they have four containers for you to put them in
d. You have to sit in front of a wall, stare straight forward, and you can not talk to your neighbor e. You can also stand straight forward
f. Girls and guys are separated

2. There was about a 1:13 girl to boy ratio

3. the officers will eat the food (especially M&M when you have to turn them in) or smoke your cigarettes

4. they will also make fun of you

5. the recruits will look at you when you sit behind them and talk really loudly about pointless stuff (or when you are playing and intense game of war) and when they look at you they will get yelled at.

6. you can only read your army guide (or something like that) and religious text

7. when you leave to go to boot camp they will tell you

a. you are not allowed to talk or fall asleep on the bus
b. it is a 40 min bus ride
c. you will watch a 20 minute video that will teach you everything you need to know about bootcamp
d. boys will fill the bus up from the back to the front. The last seat will have 3 guys in it (and they will know if you do not fill up the bus correctly)
e. girls will fill in the bus from front to back
f. girls no longer exist to boys and boys no longer exist to girls.
g. Girls will be treated just like boys because “it is an equal opportunity world”
h. Girls must walk 10 feet behind the boys
i. The last person in each row will sound off (I’m still not sure what that means)

8. the officers will begin to become really good looking after you watch them for a couple of hours yelling at people. (you will also have a great desire to join the navy for the chance to become one of these officers)

In conclusion being stuck at the airport is very exciting when you get to watch kids go off to bootcamp

kinsey also said she will blog about... but who knows.

This is a picture of the second group (the first group had around 40 people) after they have been sitting for about an hour and one of the officers finally told them if they were tired they could stand up.

i wanted to take a better picture but was to afraid i was going to get yelled at.

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  1. How many hours did you observed these recuits? You got a lot of information here. I think this would make an interesting column for our local paper.