Thursday, February 12, 2009

new phone

Kaci was right my new phone lied to me.
or maybe I just don't know how to read a weather icon.
I just assumed that a picture of a cloud with white stuff falling out of it meant that it was going to snow.... but I guess I was wrong.

maybe I'll wake up and it will be snowing.
I did learn from Sleeping Beauty this weekend that if you dream something twice it will come true and I have been dreaming about snow. so it has to snow

my new phone does lots of cool things.
I can now fb stalk people in class... its great.
but the internet on my phone did come in handy today when I was studying for my bible and the holocaust test and needed more explaination of certain terms.

I can also blog from my phone (I'm actually doing that right now.... if anything that makes me feel cool. and I do love feeling cool)


  1. now with your hard drive and your cool new phone it is like you don't even need to buy a computer.

  2. OK so you are blogging all over the place. Now lets get real, a blog is not really a real blog unless it has some thought put into it. I get the feeling you are just pulling stuff out of a hat {or more likely a phone] and blogging on it. It is also nice here in Perry Iowa, no snow {but i won't blog on it} love you

  3. My phone is such crap. I want a cool phone like yours so I can be cool too!