Thursday, February 5, 2009

my life is consumed by homework

I feel like the only thing I do now is homework,  talk about how much homework I have, or realize that I forgot to do homework when I am in class.

I don't think it is bc I have more homework this year. but I think it is bc I feel like for some reason I have to do my homework now.

maybe this is suppose to be my realization that I'm an adult now... it's weird.

ps.. I still need to find a job. but each time I go to the library I realize that I have to do homework and I do something crazy like read. (I'm so odd... and I think I am going to blame disney for this one)


  1. maybe this weekend you'll find a job ;)

  2. That would be a good opt to look for a job!!!

  3. Either way we still love you. maybe go back to your old job from last year.

  4. true or false kelsey: you aren't looking very hard for a job

  5. Is that true Kelsey, dearest ????