Monday, February 9, 2009

iowa city weather

I do not understand the weather here in iowa at all.

I have been told the past 22 years of my life that in the summer it is hot, in the fall it is chilly, in the winter it is cold, and in the spring it rains.

but now the weather is all screwed up.

this past weekend it was in the 40's (i was tempted not to wear a coat.... it was crazy)

and today I get up and it is raining. .... not snowing.
it is so weird.

if spring is starting I do not think I am going to be a happy person.... I was promised lots of snow. and I have yet to see LOTS of snow.


  1. it is nice here again. 70 today.

  2. well it was nice here too kassie...I got up at noon and I was going to run get a newspaper. I had my winter coat on when i went out side,I turned around went back in the house and got my spring jacket. Maybe Iowa City will get a blizzard that won't affect the rest of us.

  3. You think Iowa weather is weird? You should live in Ohio for a while. LOL. I'm just glad that this winter I'm walking around in sunny Florida instead of sliding around and falling on my butt in Ohio on all the brick sidewalks and streets in Athens (like I was last winter). The worst is the slush and black ice and hail. I am so done with all that! I don't ever want to spend another winter up North! Unless it's Christmas in New York. That would be fun. The tree at Rockafeller Center and ice skating and all that... LOL. Obviously, I watch too many romantic comedies.