Saturday, February 21, 2009

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

now that i know all the songs from high school musical 3, own it, and have seen more times then i like to admit i have made a few observation about high school. 

1. singing and playing basketball at the same time is easy

2. if your boyfriend has a tree house in his back yard it is completely okay if you never knew it existed. 

3. Juilliard regularly goes to high school plays to recruit.  

4. it can rain in new mexico when there is no clouds in the sky.  (of course this will only happen if you are teaching your boyfriend to dance on top of the school roof)

5. if you are a high school basketball coach you will have a really really nice big house but your kid will still drive a crappy pickup truck

6. it is socially acceptable only to kiss your girlfriend once in a 4 month period

7. stanford has an early acceptance program, where you get to leave high school early to socialize with professors. 

8. being part of yearbook is cool and you will have an amazing office

9. if you team wins the state basketball championship then they will put a big poster up of you in the cafeteria.  i also think you get a key to your school, well maybe you only get one if your name is troy.  

10. oh you can also by 5'9" and have college recruiting you for basketball 

11. high school students only wear skirts and high heels to class.  

in conclusion high school is way better then i remember it. :)


  1. That was really cute and funny. LOL!!!

  2. what? that is exactly how i remember high school =)

  3. i love this post... it made me laugh

  4. LMAO. You're hilarious.

    Oh and I've never seen a yearbook office that's bigger than a walk in closet... Or been in one that has more than 2 computers - even at OU (big school for journalism/media). They did have a pretty sweet newspaper office, though. They even had a lounge with a big screen and comfy couches. They probably just felt bad for the yearbook and converted one of their storage closets into an office for them.