Sunday, February 1, 2009

5 down 0 to go

me and kinsey at bdubds.  kassie bought her that cosmo.
I got her the button and the crown (thanks disney)

first shot (well for me of course) I believe kate bought those for us

this is why I love my relatives. 

Kinsey and her cake

All the relatives that made it out
kaci, kassie, kinsey, melinda, bridget, kate, and andrew

I figured mom would like the title of this one (fyi kinsey didn't get it)


  1. I get it!!!! Oh family Christmas cards...maybe this needs to be the title for next years :)

  2. I am with Kinsey, I don't get it

  3. OK everybody name is listed except yours Kelsey, is that it?????

  4. we are all 21 now.

    like our xmas card that said '4 down, one to go'

  5. Oh, now i get LOL LOL thats funny Kelsey, I do like that title. :-]