Monday, February 23, 2009


I just found out I can be an imagineer at disney!

I thought only engineers could become one
but I am currently FB talking with my friend Jeremy and he thought anyone could be one.

so I once again turned to my favorite online resource (wikipedia) and they told me this.....

Imagineers may include artists, writers, architects, landscape architects, engineers, model builders, construction managers, technicians and designers.

now I just have to become one of those things.... which I could totally do

Saturday, February 21, 2009

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

now that i know all the songs from high school musical 3, own it, and have seen more times then i like to admit i have made a few observation about high school. 

1. singing and playing basketball at the same time is easy

2. if your boyfriend has a tree house in his back yard it is completely okay if you never knew it existed. 

3. Juilliard regularly goes to high school plays to recruit.  

4. it can rain in new mexico when there is no clouds in the sky.  (of course this will only happen if you are teaching your boyfriend to dance on top of the school roof)

5. if you are a high school basketball coach you will have a really really nice big house but your kid will still drive a crappy pickup truck

6. it is socially acceptable only to kiss your girlfriend once in a 4 month period

7. stanford has an early acceptance program, where you get to leave high school early to socialize with professors. 

8. being part of yearbook is cool and you will have an amazing office

9. if you team wins the state basketball championship then they will put a big poster up of you in the cafeteria.  i also think you get a key to your school, well maybe you only get one if your name is troy.  

10. oh you can also by 5'9" and have college recruiting you for basketball 

11. high school students only wear skirts and high heels to class.  

in conclusion high school is way better then i remember it. :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I love the Gallup polls

I am currently preparing a presentation about forecasting presidential elections and why we conduct so many polls before a presidential elections... even though you can figure out who is going to win a presidential election after September.
(by gathering information like the economy, party affiliation, ideologies, incumbency, regions, etc... normal political science stuff)

anyway... I was trying to search for random polls done before the election that showed McCain in the lead, to try to prove my point that polls are pointless and forecasting is better (but you really don't have to understand any of that).

I was searching on the Gallup website and I decided I LOVE it!
I was trying to find an amazing example about why I love and put it on here.
but there was to many to choose from.

I think you all should just try randomly searching through it, bc some of the polls are just crazy -my favorite are the ones about religion or specific state polls.-

Monday, February 16, 2009


A list of things I realize I now do and like to do because of my roommates.

1. I now know a dance to a song called sugar rush by dreamstreet (I have blogged about this before and in it I mentioned how weird Allison was… but now I am just as weird as her)

2. It takes me way to long in deciding what to wear in the morning. (this may not be a direct result of my roommates, but since they take forever I feel like I can take forever)

3. I love Glenn Live. He is this guy who plays a guitar and sings random songs at Bo James ever Thursday. (my roommates would go first semester and now I love it… and ps there normally is only 25+ people there. It’s amazing)

4. We have an idea box. Yes an actually idea box. We put random thoughts in it and then we randomly pull out a thought and talk about it.

5. If someone mentions ice cream…. We get ice cream (no matter what time it is)

6. Perkins at 2:00 am is completely ok

7. I actually like the taste of coffee now. and could care less if it makes me look cool (but it still does)

8. I’m okay with getting a drink at a bar from a complete stranger. (don’t worry mom, if they look sketchy I say no and most of the time steph knows the person)

James T. Norris

in one of my political science classes we have to make a campaign around a fictional person.
we choose someone by the name of 'James T. Norris' (trying to go off of chuck norris)

this is our first presidential campaign ad.

And I am sure everyone in my class would love it if you would go to youtube and rate it with 5 stars.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

defintion of a blog

this post if for my mom.
who commented on my last blog post by saying
"blog is not really a real blog unless it has some thought put into it. I get the feeling you are just pulling stuff out of a hat"

i believe that everyone of my posts are important (to someone and more importantly to me).
and to explain this i will try my best to define to you the definition of a 'blog'

Wikipedia is normally not considered a creditable source but blogs are allmost never considered a credible source. so for this argument i will reference the amazing wiki.

typing blog into wiki. you see that there is no one straight definition of a blog.
and there are many different types of blogs. including (but not limited to)
personal blogs
corporate blogs
question blogging

i would consider my blog a personal blog ...
The personal blog, an ongoing diary or commentary by an individual, is the traditional, most common blog. Personal bloggers usually take pride in their blog posts, even if their blog is never read by anyone but them. defines a blog as
a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer

As you can see there is no real definition of a blog. and the whole idea of a blog is to allow "bloggers" to write what ever they want.

(so by defintion i am allow to write what ever i want. even if it is about the weather)

and if you do not think my post are 'blog worthy' then simple don't read my blog.

new phone

Kaci was right my new phone lied to me.
or maybe I just don't know how to read a weather icon.
I just assumed that a picture of a cloud with white stuff falling out of it meant that it was going to snow.... but I guess I was wrong.

maybe I'll wake up and it will be snowing.
I did learn from Sleeping Beauty this weekend that if you dream something twice it will come true and I have been dreaming about snow. so it has to snow

my new phone does lots of cool things.
I can now fb stalk people in class... its great.
but the internet on my phone did come in handy today when I was studying for my bible and the holocaust test and needed more explaination of certain terms.

I can also blog from my phone (I'm actually doing that right now.... if anything that makes me feel cool. and I do love feeling cool)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


my fancy new phone told me it was suppose to snow today.

I'm excited.

Monday, February 9, 2009

iowa city weather

I do not understand the weather here in iowa at all.

I have been told the past 22 years of my life that in the summer it is hot, in the fall it is chilly, in the winter it is cold, and in the spring it rains.

but now the weather is all screwed up.

this past weekend it was in the 40's (i was tempted not to wear a coat.... it was crazy)

and today I get up and it is raining. .... not snowing.
it is so weird.

if spring is starting I do not think I am going to be a happy person.... I was promised lots of snow. and I have yet to see LOTS of snow.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

my life is consumed by homework

I feel like the only thing I do now is homework,  talk about how much homework I have, or realize that I forgot to do homework when I am in class.

I don't think it is bc I have more homework this year. but I think it is bc I feel like for some reason I have to do my homework now.

maybe this is suppose to be my realization that I'm an adult now... it's weird.

ps.. I still need to find a job. but each time I go to the library I realize that I have to do homework and I do something crazy like read. (I'm so odd... and I think I am going to blame disney for this one)

Monday, February 2, 2009

This is why my roommates rock

Steph had to move Louie III from one bowl to another. (she thinks it is Louie II... but I am convinced it is not the same fish from May

she couldn't find the net so she had to use a spoon from the kitchen.  

Louie decided he didn't like the spoon and went crazy. 

Sunday, February 1, 2009

5 down 0 to go

me and kinsey at bdubds.  kassie bought her that cosmo.
I got her the button and the crown (thanks disney)

first shot (well for me of course) I believe kate bought those for us

this is why I love my relatives. 

Kinsey and her cake

All the relatives that made it out
kaci, kassie, kinsey, melinda, bridget, kate, and andrew

I figured mom would like the title of this one (fyi kinsey didn't get it)


my mom likes calling her blog a blop.... until she corrects her self i am going to stop reading he blog.

(well unless the word become really popular and then i will start using it. but then again i am a follower)