Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thanks :)

So the more and more I think about it… I really need to thanks Kassie and john for everything they have done for me over the past 7 months.

I have had many friends in this program and the majority of them would always be jealous of me for one reason. They always hated the fact that my sister was only 2 hours away from me and could come and visit me very frequently.
Having them only 2 hours away made the times I didn’t want to be at Disney more bearable.

And even though they would normally only come up for a couple days they both gave me this opportunity to forget that I was a Disney cast member who only hung out with Disney people and did Disney things.

They did a million wonderful things for me and with out them I would have never seen anything outside of Disney in Orlando, eaten any where in epcot…. Or eaten any where outside of a mile radius of vista, ever had groceries (the walmart bus was on hour long bus ride that I refused to ride)…..

But the best thing they did for me was changing their plans on Christmas to hang out with me instead of going home to Minnesota and Iowa. I am sure that neither one of their families were happy about the situation. But to me it was super important. It was nice knowing that when I got off of work on Christmas that I didn’t have to spend it by myself and that I was able to spend it with a (amazing) family member.

The list could go on and on….

Kassie and John were one of the most important reasons why my Disney experience was as successful as it was. I never would have been able to last 7 months with out seeing any family.

It is also important that I thank Kinsey and kaci for coming to visit me in august (and kaci in December) it was amazing being able to show non-disney people around and really show them how ‘magical’ Disney could be.

And Stephanie for going to a conference she really didn’t want to go to in November just to see me. And I was glad I could be the person she with the first time she meet Cinderella.

… and I guess I need to thank jeff d. (thanks… for playing mini golf with me)


  1. very well written kelsey. maybe you could a job at hallmark writing cards from the can test run them by me, kassie and kinsey, if we start tocry you know you got a winner....

  2. Ok Kelsey it is time to get another blog started. I miss reading all your stories. I check here every day to see if you have added anything...