Saturday, January 24, 2009


I asked stephanie what I should blog about and her response was "about how awesome I am"

and that is exactly why I love my friends.

right now I am still waiting on my roommates to go to target... they take forever.  I'm never completely sure what they do to get ready but it always takes them at least 20 minutes longer then it takes me.  (so weird)

It is also really cold.... I mean super cold.
like if I would pass out on the side of the road I would get frost bite and wake up with only 3 fingers..... not that I would pass out on the side of the road.
So mom don't respond to that last comment.  Pretend like I never mentioned it. 

last night I hung out with Kinsey (mom would be proud!). it was some kid from perry (joseph) birthday so there was lots of perry people who were in Kinsey's class there.  but it was ok.  we had some nice bonding time.  (ask her how she got a bruise on her arm... it is an interesting story.)

now I am trying to think what other useless pointless information I can give you right now.  

... oh me and Steph went and looked at an apt/house thing today.  It was a 2 bedroom that was below a house.  it seemed a little sketchy but we could make it work consider the rent is only 800 a month. (which is a steal here in iowa city).  we might look at other places but most apts for 2 people are ridiculously priced.  

I hear movement up stairs... maybe that is a good sign that they might be ready to go.
Maybe I'll just work out instead. 


  1. Ok lets double think about this apt in the sctetched house. Did they ever arrest that guy who was attacking all those women???case close. Would have it made more sense for you and steph to stay put in the apt. you had last year??? lets remenber to study!!gym membership is good, can you study and exercise at the same time, that would be better. Stay warm, it is freezing outside. Be careful with that heater you have. you can always go back to the drug store you work at last year or ckeck out the photograph place you work the year ya

  2. the bruise will be gone before any of them see it.

    i think there are pictures of if from last night.