Wednesday, January 28, 2009

observation about people at iowa

I have spent the last 7 months (or if you are allison you will tell me to say 8 months) away from the 'great' state of iowa and the university of iowa.

here are something things I have noticed about people/students here

1. everyone.. I mean everyone makes eye contact. I told this to my roommates after we went out one night and at first they all thought I was crazy, but now they all believe me.
it doesn't matter were you are; a bar, class, walking, eating, etc. someone and most likely the majority of the people in the room will make eye contact with you.
(It's weird.. I'm use to working and being invisible unless some one needed my help)

2. people love wearing black and gold. I'm sitting at the library and I see at least 5 people wearing something that says iowa or hawkeye on it. (I love iowa... but I never noticed it before. it is a little disgusting.. considering it is a Wednesday and there isn't anything going on)

3. if you sit near the front in a class room no one in will sit next to you... well not until they have to.

4. to go with point 3 all my classes are filled.  Most don't even have an extra seat.Oobviously the economy being bad is not hurting enrollment.

5. People will look at you funny if you do the hsm dance W-I-L-D. no one will say anything to you.. but they will judge you

6. somehow in the past 7-8 months my friends have become those senior people you see and would judge the first 3 years of college (the nice kind of judge.. kind of like 'I want to be like them judge'). ... well most of the time.

7. when you want the press citizen (or daily iowan) delivered to your house it will not be there and when you don't want it. it will always be there.

8. the muffins at the library are now small  (insert sad face for allison :)

that is all I got right now


  1. I think the eye contact is a midwestern thing. I notice when I'm at the airport in Des Moines i see a lot more college tshirts/sweatshirts than I see at the airport in Jax.

  2. well i guess iowa fans are WAY better then gators. :)

  3. When the movie people were here last week,whenever I seen someone that did not look like an Iowan. I made a point of looking them in eye, smile and saying hi. i did the wave driving the pick-up through town too. :-]