Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Years

I had to work on new years eve all day.... i got off at 12:45 which wasn't bad considering the park was open until 3 am.

work all together wasn't that bad
1) bc everyone had to work.

it was nice to be able to see a lot of people one last time before i left. and since full time people got paid more. it was mostly just CP and ICPs working.

the managers were also a little nicer since they knew it was most of our last couple of days
2) i got to see the fire works.

at 11:50 they said they were going to start the fireworks. but of course they didn't start until 12:00.

but exactly at 11:45 i stepped away from the register bc i didn't want to be stuck checking people out and since i didn't get to see the fireworks on the 4th of july i was determined to see these

and i figured i wouldn't get in trouble since i only had 2 days left.

i stood right outside of one of the doors and directed traffic. (well pretended to direct traffic... i just wanted to make sure i had a place to stand).

yeah i am mean:)

but the fireworks were amazing.

they played this rocker music and shoot fireworks from above the buildings.

... but the street was packed... i attempted to take a photo of this. (the whole street was filled with people like this. all the way up to the hat. this was all most the end of the street)

3) after midnight the store was not busy at all. (and guest were super happy)

everyone just walked through the store.

but of course the park was open until 3... so that prob explained why no one was buying anything.

and we were super i mean super busy during the day. the only thing i was even able to say to people all day was "blah blah.. this is your total.. blah blah.. happy new year"

4) i got to hang out with my friends after i got off.

most of my friends got off around 12:30 and 1 so we all planned on walking around the park after work.

we spent most of the time watching the Christmas lights on the streets of America. since it was extra magic hours and we couldn't ride any of the rides.

Yeah we rock

.. it was a lot of fun. (the pictures do not even begin to tell you how cool it was)

and we did get to ride tower of terror one last time. (i have no idea how since none of us had room keys.. but we did... which made the night even more amazing)

the group photo


  1. cast members not enforcing extra magic hours is annoying.

  2. wow!!!how exciting. what a way to end a magicial journey!!!!