Friday, January 23, 2009

my list of 16

.... b/c someone amazing told me to make a list of 16 random things about myself

1. I like to hug now. i saw kinsey walking to class one day and i hugged her (and she was a little freaked out)

2. I now like drinking coffee... i'm not a big fan of how it taste but i think it makes me look cool

3. I currently really want to go back to disney. and i would drop out of all my classes to do that. (but i know they would only want me if i had a degree so i will wait)

4. I hate it when people have unlimited txt and they don't respond to your txt. it doesn't cost anything to send a :) or ok

5. I really really love ice cream

6. I could watch cnn all day (and i have a huge crush on anderson cooper)

7. I love when people say i'm pretty much awesome.. even though i know that half the time they only say it bc they are making fun of me.

8. I want to write a book someday

9. I love snow!

10. I could eat at pita pit everyday

11. the real world use to scare me. it doesn't any more. (i don't have a good reason for why it doesn't but it doesn't)

12. I like doing things that would look good in a photograph. i secretly live my life by the idea that people are always taking photos of me and how great a moment would look in a photograph. (i also love taking photos... bc i am a big believer that when i'm 80 and look back at these photos i will think i was cooler then i actually was)

13. I sometimes imagine what life would be like if we did break out in song and dance (I blame high school musical for this)

14. I love random information.

15. I love hanging out with my sisters

16. I like to people watch... i think everyone should devote at least an hour a week to doing it. you can learn so much about people by watching them.

(17) and I love my friends. I figured that they deserved a shout out. 


  1. WOW did you go with pink because i did. I like your list, it was totaly awesome!!!!!!yes get your degree, the world will wait for you, you are worth waiting for. :-}

  2. your 16 sounded just like you. Yea we get to see eachother on Friday!

  3. kelsey you need to go to my blog and add your blog to follow me. thanks

  4. LOL. You're awesome. I miss you.

    Oh and there's nothing wrong with breaking out in song and dance. I do it all the time and I did it long before High School Musical.