Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I still don't have a job.  if I was really motivated to find one I would probably be searching for one instead of writing a blog post.  but since I can't do both writing the blog wins.

I kind of have a semi busy week and have accomplished a lot so far.  on monday I did all my homework for the week (yeah I know I was very impressed with my self... I even went and bought my books at the bookstore.  I haven't did that since freshmen year)
correction: almost all my homework.  one of my classes our weekly homework is to read a newspaper a day

I have been trying to read the newspapers but the daily iowan is so so so boring and the des moines register only has articles form the associated press. (which drives my insane if I want to read about life in des moines... but ok if I want to find out what is going on in the world)

so I have been attempting to read the new york times (it sounds way cooler then it actually is... the NYtimes is probably the reason I started drinking coffee.  I think it is all apart of me trying to look cool.)
but the only articles I find interesting in these newspapers are when they talk about things that isn't real news.
I read this article that was on the cover of the NYtimes and it was about this lady not being able to smoke in her home any more... it was ridiculous that it was on the cover.  I would have still read it if it was on page 20, but I would assume that a normal person would have found the article un-interesting.

I generally just find my self reading the editorial page or the life section... I may have to re-think this journalism thing

I guess the new development in my life is that i am now this news obsessed person... and I hate it.  (but whatev.. next week I will probably be obsessed with something else)


  1. I can't believe you started drinking coffee

  2. I have always read the editorial page even before i had a college education. I think I have at least 10 letters printed. I love reading the paper.