Friday, January 30, 2009

hsm 2

yeah.. we all know I am kind of a hsm freak.
I'm sitting in class right now and found this video

the lady who in the video would go to every performance of hsm 2 over the summer. she would wear that outfut everyday and follow the float up and down hollywood blvd.

(the only days she didn't wear it was star wars weekend and she would wear a whole stars wars get up... but that is another story)


  1. Is she a guest or someone who works there? If she a guest, she wasted a lot money going everyday. Whose has that much money??or maybe she was intern and worked in the am or overnight.

  2. I regret that I have never seen this woman. I don't know how I missed her... working at the Hub carts as much as I did this past summer. Maybe I'm not exceptionally unobservant?

  3. it was mostly over the summer and i think she mostly went to the morning hsm2 shows.
    i would still see her at the hsm3 shows ever now and then but she didn't wear the outfit.
    i only noticed her a couple times working the hub carts (she hung out but the left one)

  4. i would love to know how you went about to find this video?

  5. i really have no idea how i found it... youtube rocks like that