Monday, January 5, 2009

high school musical rocks

so i don't know if i have informed you all of this before but i am slightly a high school musical freak now. (well i mean i am kind of a disney freak now, but i never thought i would be a hsm freak)
a couple of weeks ago me and my friend bought a wildcat tshirt when they were 40% off (and then we got our cast member 50% discount.. so it was like 5 dollars).

last Monday we went to animal kingdom to take pic with characters and go on some attractions i have never been on (like the planet watch.. which was amazing)

we waited in line to meet mickey, minnie, chip &dale, brother bear, donald and daisy duck.
.... but the coolest character was goofy bc he knew the high school musical W-I-L-D dance.
it was amazing.

then we headed off to hollywood studios were we meet bolt, rhino, and mittens.
and rhino (the hamster) started doing the dance and bolt also started doing it. (mittens just kind of stood there like a stuck up cat).
that was even more amazing...

we also watched the hsm 3: right here right now show.

i let megan stand in front of me bc i knew she was a bigger fan.
and during the song "i want it all" they pick 4 guest to come up on stage and be the star of the show... and megan was picked to be in it.

... she freaked out. i'm pretty sure she almost started to cry.

Megan in the show!!

she got a star dazzle button. which was pretty much awesome.

we also took a million jumping photos in front of the hat. (it took like 15 min to get a good one and we had a bunch of people just looking at us funny).

that was the end of an eventful day of hsm fun... and oh yeah i am also a freak bc i own the soundtrack for 2 and 3.... but i am ok with it and my iowa friends are just going to have to deal with it.


  1. so when you get home , we will watch hsm movies that are out,i want to see them. i have read all about them.I also watch that reality show where they pick a person to be in the next musical. So is steph all jealous because you got to be around all that HSM stuff.

  2. i love hsm too, but not as much as you.

  3. IM SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!! I Love HSM me and allison will listen to the soundtracks with you because we both have them downloaded on out i-tunes I AM SOOOO EXCITED and also jealous cause i didnt get to go up when we watched the show yay High School Musical

  4. steph.. you should be 100% excited