Monday, January 26, 2009

blogs, blogs, blogs

I have recently realized that blogs are ruining journalism

I didn't come to this conclusion on my own. I read about it in a book and then couldn't stop thinking about it.
I'm currently taking 3 journalism classes and the only thing we ever talk about (well keep in mind that I have only had one week of classes) is how newspapers are coming to an end and how the internet is taking over. (and then the debate about blogs come into play)

I just got done reading two chapters out of a book called "online journalism ethics" one chapter was entitled " traditions, conventions, and ethics" and the other one called "bloggers and other 'participatory journalist'"

and the conclusion I have come to is that people like me (and you) are ruining journalism. b/c we are not journalist we don't follow the correct journalism blogging rules (yeah there are rules we are suppose to follow... i won't list them for u) and most of the time we blog about pointless useless information.
and I am completely ok with it.

I'm ok with reporting false information (not that I ever report information)

I'm also ok that blogs are bad bc the person you are giving you information could be a crazy liberal or a conservative nut job.

I understand that the internet is going to make newspapers disappear one day and i will probably be the last generation to know what a newspaper is.

none of that bothers me.

b/c it allows people to get random information when they want it.

I like the fact that I can sit here and type 20 lines of pointless information that someone out there in the cyber world may find interesting. A place that can bring together millions of people across the word and allow my mom to be involved in... is ok with me.

I'll keep you all posted on what my professors think of blogs... we haven't got that far in class yet.


  1. it doesn't bother you when someone quotes an ultra conservative blog statement as fact when you know it isn't fact?

  2. wow. I am impress Kelsey, nice article.

  3. well it doesn't b/c i wouldn't read an ultra conservative blog. and if someone quotes a blog.. i generally don't believe them.

    if anything i like that i can then blog about how annoyed i am with the idea that someone would quote an ultra conservative.

  4. This makes me miss my media classes and all of our discussions on youtube and other user generated content. I just think it's exciting that more people can participate in the conversation. Old school media like print still hold a dear place in my heart (I hope they don't go away entirely) but I'm not afraid of the internet and newspapers or TV shouldn't be either. Fear like that almost killed the music business. If it wasn't for things like iTunes... But I digress.

    I'm so jealous that you're taking journalism classes and getting to spend your days discussing things like blogs and ethics. I just sell Tshirts to tourists and talk to other cast members about managers we don't like.