Wednesday, January 7, 2009

block party bash

on news year eve me and monique went to the park to hang out before work and we watched the block party bash.

they have this part where they have people come on to the street and dance with them and of course i was dancing on the street (bc i have seen it a million times) and jessie (from toy story) made me come out... and i made monique come with me.
of course there was no photos.

but i bring this up bc i was youtube searching bc that is what i do... and i found this video i thought kinsey would appreciate.

it is a guy in the block party bash signing during the parade (when he is in the parade) i have seen him before but i thought he just did it when the float was coming out.. but no i guess he does it the whole time.
it is amazing
(the last time i watched this parade i saw the professional signers on the side doing there thing in their blue shirts... like the ones we saw the one day when we watched hsm2.)

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