Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Allison's great idea

so I was sitting here showing my roommates my awesome blog and I was going to write another one... and allison responded said "didn't you write one today" and I responded "actually I wrote 2 today"
and her brilliant idea was that I should start an idea box and each time I have a blog idea I should put them in a box and when I can't think of something to write about I should get them out of the idea box. 

I probably won't do this... but it was a good idea.  a box is too much work.  
-allison also told me that I should just send myself text each time i have an  idea.  (she always sends herself notes via txt and she thinks it is very practical.)

(I'm slowly convincing her to start a blog!)

ps. stephanie hates me bc I always use her computer to update my blog.  (but she is awesome and I love her)


  1. Stephanie shouldn't mind, you did write a blog titled "Stephanie Rocks!"

  2. Tell Allison That I have a notebook that I write subjects down in that i want to blog. So far i have 2 that I want to do. 1. Why I hate Parents&teachers mtgs. 2.things i learn from my awesome children. first i have to write them out on paper before i can put them on my blog.