Thursday, January 8, 2009

5) Ladies drink free

this may seem like a weird thing to make my list. But I feel like the nights going out with my friends needs to make this list.
When I came to Orlando I only thought “ladies drink free” nights was a myth something that only happened in movies or something that you only heard about on the radio.
But I was wrong I soon found out that on Sunday and Tuesday night it was the reality.

Going out to the House of Blues and Ale house allowed me to meet new people and become closer with my friends and roommates.
I will never forget dancing the night away at HOB or sitting and talking at the ale house.

Whether it was Monique and Erika our first Tuesday in Orlando at the Ale House or going to HOB with new friends (the Canadians). Ladies drink free nights was an excuse to be able to get together and hang out with friends outside of work and Vista.

I also have to remember the nights where I wasn’t so lucky and had to pay for my own drinks. The 10 dollar sand buckets at pleasure island with Monique, Jessica, and Derek. the ridiculously priced drinks at jellyrolls (but that never seemed to bother us considering how fun we realized dueling pianos could be) and the best being the 2 dollar you call it nights at BW3.


  1. I do enjoy all the new pics i have not seen before. you should take moment to thank your family menbers who came to visit you at Disney and share the magicial momments with you because they loved you.