Thursday, January 8, 2009

3) meeting snow white.

The first time I ever went to WDW was last jan with Kassie and to be completely honest I had a blast but I was secretly sad that I didn’t get to meet snow white.

When I decided I was going to do this program I was excited that I would have 7 months to meet her.
I first meet snow white at studios during the 5 o’clock character greetings.. I told my self I went to the parks by my self to play but I knew that there was a 75% chance she would be out and that I would get to see her.
When I first meet her I became this 5 year old little girl and confessed my love to her (in a non creepy way).
And after that experience I was able to meet her multiple other times and each was as wonderful as the first. (I did learn how to compose my self a little better).
Some where in june or july me and Monique realized the joy of meeting characters and spent a day at magic kingdom looking for characters. The first one we saw together was buzz lightyear and he kissed my hand (we are practically engaged).
After that we made a point to try to see at least one character each time we went to the parks.
Towards the end of my program I now have an autograph book (all most completely full… I know it is a little sad I didn’t finish it). And I meet more characters that I could name and each one has brought a little excitement to my life. The most recent being bolt, rhino, and mittens doing the W-I-L-D wildcat dance with us.


  1. How did you get the picture with Snow White and ALL the Dwarves?