Thursday, January 8, 2009

2) getting in to the parks for free

half the fun of working at Disney was being able to go to the parks whenever I wanted. (Of course I never went as much as I should have bc work can exhaust you.)

At Hollywood Studios

I loved the times you could decide to go to animal kingdom an hour before it closed to go on Everest or the dinosaur ride. Or walking through Epcot and making new friends in Italy or Germany (chris). Going to magic kingdom just to get ice cream and watch the fireworks. Or spending an hour trying to convince someone to ride tower of terror telling them it is the easy side and watching them freak out when they are on the ride. (sorry Jessica).

Epcot with Chris

There is not much more I can say about how much fun the parks were you can only imagine what it was like to be able to see Cinderella castle whenever I wanted.

Animal Kingdom

Magic Kingdom


  1. kelsey we are missing number one or are you still working on that one. i think these comments are some of your best reviews of your magicial time at disney.

  2. I thought your favorite memory would be me coming to visit.