Thursday, January 8, 2009

1) amazing people

the only reason I was able to survive the past 7 months was bc of the amazing friends I have made.
I could make a top five list of my favorite memories I have had with my Disney friends… but I think all my memories our great.

The friends that have been here since the beginning (Monique, Erika, Jessica, etc.) They have made the most impact on my life. These are the people who were there to witness the roller coaster experience we have had. And the only ones who will truly understand how hot and stressful and wonderful the summer was and how amazing the fall was when we actually had a chance to play in the parks. The majority of them did not make it all the way to jan. But they were my first true friends at Disney and bc I will never forget them.

My summer friends (Austin dave, derrick buzz, the Canadians, the American etc) these are the only people who will truly understand how amazing it was not to go into work until 5pm and have to work until 1am (people outside of Disney will never understand ). These friends were only in my life for a short period but people like Austin dave will always be remembered for showing me how fun vista could be. My summer friends introduced me to how fun a night out at vista could be and how getting off at 1am could still result in a very long night.

My work friends (Grace, Jeremy, Megan, Michelle, Andrew, Jenny, Kaleb, Maggie, Kyra, Cheyanne, Justine, liz etc.) these were the friendships that evolved after months of complaining to each other about work and guest and the 45 minute bus ride home resulted in me making friendships that would last forever. We all had something in common we hated panty hoes and stopping at pop century for 20 minutes…. We had no choose but to become friends. I will never forget playing in the parks, eating at chick-fil-a, doing the money room , free cokes, dancing to hsm and block party bash, etc…

August friends (Garrett, Derek, Stephen, etc.). the boys across the hall provided me with hours of entrainment. I would spend pointless long hours over at their place watching classic movies (camp nowhere) and trying to prove that everything was political. Even though I hung out in 908 more then I probably should have and I am sure that I wasn’t always welcomed… I always had a blast (well all most always).

Random people I meet when I would go out. Even though I may not always remember there names but I will always remember the stories. Whether it was dave and ryan making me result in having to leave traditions early, Canadian day, going away parties, the random sticker party, Halloween, election night, etc…. these were the nights I meet countless people who will always be remembered since I have countless pictures with them.


  1. oh so there was a number one,it just now show up at 4:26pm iowa time. It took awhile traveling all that way...the temp in iowa will be around 20 on sat. Good cold day to come home. We also kept a little snow for you.

  2. I still can't believe you took that coke...

  3. I love you Kelsey!! You made my program AWESOME!