Friday, January 30, 2009

hsm 2

yeah.. we all know I am kind of a hsm freak.
I'm sitting in class right now and found this video

the lady who in the video would go to every performance of hsm 2 over the summer. she would wear that outfut everyday and follow the float up and down hollywood blvd.

(the only days she didn't wear it was star wars weekend and she would wear a whole stars wars get up... but that is another story)



it is about time that you turn 21....  

I also get to see kaci and kassie today... which is pretty exciting!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Allison is crazy

I promise this is my last blog today (unless something really exciting happens tonight)

so I'm sitting in allisons room right now and she decides to put in her dream street dvd (correction vhs... never mind another correction. it is a dvd)

she is dancing to a song called sugar rush. and the group is an 90's boy band (kind of like backstreet boys, nsync) but all the members are like 14.

yeah allison is crazy. but I love her bc she is not afraid to admit that she listens to bands like dream street.

(so the reason people may have heard of dream street is bc Jesse McCartney use to be in it... yeah he is the only member that has a career now)

Stephanie rocks!

she has a blog now.... bc she wants to be cool like me

Allison's great idea

so I was sitting here showing my roommates my awesome blog and I was going to write another one... and allison responded said "didn't you write one today" and I responded "actually I wrote 2 today"
and her brilliant idea was that I should start an idea box and each time I have a blog idea I should put them in a box and when I can't think of something to write about I should get them out of the idea box. 

I probably won't do this... but it was a good idea.  a box is too much work.  
-allison also told me that I should just send myself text each time i have an  idea.  (she always sends herself notes via txt and she thinks it is very practical.)

(I'm slowly convincing her to start a blog!)

ps. stephanie hates me bc I always use her computer to update my blog.  (but she is awesome and I love her)

observation about people at iowa

I have spent the last 7 months (or if you are allison you will tell me to say 8 months) away from the 'great' state of iowa and the university of iowa.

here are something things I have noticed about people/students here

1. everyone.. I mean everyone makes eye contact. I told this to my roommates after we went out one night and at first they all thought I was crazy, but now they all believe me.
it doesn't matter were you are; a bar, class, walking, eating, etc. someone and most likely the majority of the people in the room will make eye contact with you.
(It's weird.. I'm use to working and being invisible unless some one needed my help)

2. people love wearing black and gold. I'm sitting at the library and I see at least 5 people wearing something that says iowa or hawkeye on it. (I love iowa... but I never noticed it before. it is a little disgusting.. considering it is a Wednesday and there isn't anything going on)

3. if you sit near the front in a class room no one in will sit next to you... well not until they have to.

4. to go with point 3 all my classes are filled.  Most don't even have an extra seat.Oobviously the economy being bad is not hurting enrollment.

5. People will look at you funny if you do the hsm dance W-I-L-D. no one will say anything to you.. but they will judge you

6. somehow in the past 7-8 months my friends have become those senior people you see and would judge the first 3 years of college (the nice kind of judge.. kind of like 'I want to be like them judge'). ... well most of the time.

7. when you want the press citizen (or daily iowan) delivered to your house it will not be there and when you don't want it. it will always be there.

8. the muffins at the library are now small  (insert sad face for allison :)

that is all I got right now


I still don't have a job.  if I was really motivated to find one I would probably be searching for one instead of writing a blog post.  but since I can't do both writing the blog wins.

I kind of have a semi busy week and have accomplished a lot so far.  on monday I did all my homework for the week (yeah I know I was very impressed with my self... I even went and bought my books at the bookstore.  I haven't did that since freshmen year)
correction: almost all my homework.  one of my classes our weekly homework is to read a newspaper a day

I have been trying to read the newspapers but the daily iowan is so so so boring and the des moines register only has articles form the associated press. (which drives my insane if I want to read about life in des moines... but ok if I want to find out what is going on in the world)

so I have been attempting to read the new york times (it sounds way cooler then it actually is... the NYtimes is probably the reason I started drinking coffee.  I think it is all apart of me trying to look cool.)
but the only articles I find interesting in these newspapers are when they talk about things that isn't real news.
I read this article that was on the cover of the NYtimes and it was about this lady not being able to smoke in her home any more... it was ridiculous that it was on the cover.  I would have still read it if it was on page 20, but I would assume that a normal person would have found the article un-interesting.

I generally just find my self reading the editorial page or the life section... I may have to re-think this journalism thing

I guess the new development in my life is that i am now this news obsessed person... and I hate it.  (but whatev.. next week I will probably be obsessed with something else)

Monday, January 26, 2009

blogs, blogs, blogs

I have recently realized that blogs are ruining journalism

I didn't come to this conclusion on my own. I read about it in a book and then couldn't stop thinking about it.
I'm currently taking 3 journalism classes and the only thing we ever talk about (well keep in mind that I have only had one week of classes) is how newspapers are coming to an end and how the internet is taking over. (and then the debate about blogs come into play)

I just got done reading two chapters out of a book called "online journalism ethics" one chapter was entitled " traditions, conventions, and ethics" and the other one called "bloggers and other 'participatory journalist'"

and the conclusion I have come to is that people like me (and you) are ruining journalism. b/c we are not journalist we don't follow the correct journalism blogging rules (yeah there are rules we are suppose to follow... i won't list them for u) and most of the time we blog about pointless useless information.
and I am completely ok with it.

I'm ok with reporting false information (not that I ever report information)

I'm also ok that blogs are bad bc the person you are giving you information could be a crazy liberal or a conservative nut job.

I understand that the internet is going to make newspapers disappear one day and i will probably be the last generation to know what a newspaper is.

none of that bothers me.

b/c it allows people to get random information when they want it.

I like the fact that I can sit here and type 20 lines of pointless information that someone out there in the cyber world may find interesting. A place that can bring together millions of people across the word and allow my mom to be involved in... is ok with me.

I'll keep you all posted on what my professors think of blogs... we haven't got that far in class yet.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I asked stephanie what I should blog about and her response was "about how awesome I am"

and that is exactly why I love my friends.

right now I am still waiting on my roommates to go to target... they take forever.  I'm never completely sure what they do to get ready but it always takes them at least 20 minutes longer then it takes me.  (so weird)

It is also really cold.... I mean super cold.
like if I would pass out on the side of the road I would get frost bite and wake up with only 3 fingers..... not that I would pass out on the side of the road.
So mom don't respond to that last comment.  Pretend like I never mentioned it. 

last night I hung out with Kinsey (mom would be proud!). it was some kid from perry (joseph) birthday so there was lots of perry people who were in Kinsey's class there.  but it was ok.  we had some nice bonding time.  (ask her how she got a bruise on her arm... it is an interesting story.)

now I am trying to think what other useless pointless information I can give you right now.  

... oh me and Steph went and looked at an apt/house thing today.  It was a 2 bedroom that was below a house.  it seemed a little sketchy but we could make it work consider the rent is only 800 a month. (which is a steal here in iowa city).  we might look at other places but most apts for 2 people are ridiculously priced.  

I hear movement up stairs... maybe that is a good sign that they might be ready to go.
Maybe I'll just work out instead. 

Friday, January 23, 2009

my list of 16

.... b/c someone amazing told me to make a list of 16 random things about myself

1. I like to hug now. i saw kinsey walking to class one day and i hugged her (and she was a little freaked out)

2. I now like drinking coffee... i'm not a big fan of how it taste but i think it makes me look cool

3. I currently really want to go back to disney. and i would drop out of all my classes to do that. (but i know they would only want me if i had a degree so i will wait)

4. I hate it when people have unlimited txt and they don't respond to your txt. it doesn't cost anything to send a :) or ok

5. I really really love ice cream

6. I could watch cnn all day (and i have a huge crush on anderson cooper)

7. I love when people say i'm pretty much awesome.. even though i know that half the time they only say it bc they are making fun of me.

8. I want to write a book someday

9. I love snow!

10. I could eat at pita pit everyday

11. the real world use to scare me. it doesn't any more. (i don't have a good reason for why it doesn't but it doesn't)

12. I like doing things that would look good in a photograph. i secretly live my life by the idea that people are always taking photos of me and how great a moment would look in a photograph. (i also love taking photos... bc i am a big believer that when i'm 80 and look back at these photos i will think i was cooler then i actually was)

13. I sometimes imagine what life would be like if we did break out in song and dance (I blame high school musical for this)

14. I love random information.

15. I love hanging out with my sisters

16. I like to people watch... i think everyone should devote at least an hour a week to doing it. you can learn so much about people by watching them.

(17) and I love my friends. I figured that they deserved a shout out. 

new life. new blog.

I realize that I was never the best at updating my disney blog. but i will try harder to update this one. especially since everyone else in my family has a blog (seriously my mom, Kinsey, Kaci, and Kassie) ... there is a lot of pressure

I'm currently sitting in one of my interesting classes that takes place in a computer lab (I know it is very high school)
and bring the good student, that I am, I am blogging instead of paying attention.

but this semester should be interesting bc I'm taking 18 semester; 9 are journalism classes, 6 political science, and 3 are religions studies.
I have only taken one other journalism class before, so this decision to do a minor will either be a brilliant idea or I'll end up hating it. 

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thanks :)

So the more and more I think about it… I really need to thanks Kassie and john for everything they have done for me over the past 7 months.

I have had many friends in this program and the majority of them would always be jealous of me for one reason. They always hated the fact that my sister was only 2 hours away from me and could come and visit me very frequently.
Having them only 2 hours away made the times I didn’t want to be at Disney more bearable.

And even though they would normally only come up for a couple days they both gave me this opportunity to forget that I was a Disney cast member who only hung out with Disney people and did Disney things.

They did a million wonderful things for me and with out them I would have never seen anything outside of Disney in Orlando, eaten any where in epcot…. Or eaten any where outside of a mile radius of vista, ever had groceries (the walmart bus was on hour long bus ride that I refused to ride)…..

But the best thing they did for me was changing their plans on Christmas to hang out with me instead of going home to Minnesota and Iowa. I am sure that neither one of their families were happy about the situation. But to me it was super important. It was nice knowing that when I got off of work on Christmas that I didn’t have to spend it by myself and that I was able to spend it with a (amazing) family member.

The list could go on and on….

Kassie and John were one of the most important reasons why my Disney experience was as successful as it was. I never would have been able to last 7 months with out seeing any family.

It is also important that I thank Kinsey and kaci for coming to visit me in august (and kaci in December) it was amazing being able to show non-disney people around and really show them how ‘magical’ Disney could be.

And Stephanie for going to a conference she really didn’t want to go to in November just to see me. And I was glad I could be the person she with the first time she meet Cinderella.

… and I guess I need to thank jeff d. (thanks… for playing mini golf with me)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

1) amazing people

the only reason I was able to survive the past 7 months was bc of the amazing friends I have made.
I could make a top five list of my favorite memories I have had with my Disney friends… but I think all my memories our great.

The friends that have been here since the beginning (Monique, Erika, Jessica, etc.) They have made the most impact on my life. These are the people who were there to witness the roller coaster experience we have had. And the only ones who will truly understand how hot and stressful and wonderful the summer was and how amazing the fall was when we actually had a chance to play in the parks. The majority of them did not make it all the way to jan. But they were my first true friends at Disney and bc I will never forget them.

My summer friends (Austin dave, derrick buzz, the Canadians, the American etc) these are the only people who will truly understand how amazing it was not to go into work until 5pm and have to work until 1am (people outside of Disney will never understand ). These friends were only in my life for a short period but people like Austin dave will always be remembered for showing me how fun vista could be. My summer friends introduced me to how fun a night out at vista could be and how getting off at 1am could still result in a very long night.

My work friends (Grace, Jeremy, Megan, Michelle, Andrew, Jenny, Kaleb, Maggie, Kyra, Cheyanne, Justine, liz etc.) these were the friendships that evolved after months of complaining to each other about work and guest and the 45 minute bus ride home resulted in me making friendships that would last forever. We all had something in common we hated panty hoes and stopping at pop century for 20 minutes…. We had no choose but to become friends. I will never forget playing in the parks, eating at chick-fil-a, doing the money room , free cokes, dancing to hsm and block party bash, etc…

August friends (Garrett, Derek, Stephen, etc.). the boys across the hall provided me with hours of entrainment. I would spend pointless long hours over at their place watching classic movies (camp nowhere) and trying to prove that everything was political. Even though I hung out in 908 more then I probably should have and I am sure that I wasn’t always welcomed… I always had a blast (well all most always).

Random people I meet when I would go out. Even though I may not always remember there names but I will always remember the stories. Whether it was dave and ryan making me result in having to leave traditions early, Canadian day, going away parties, the random sticker party, Halloween, election night, etc…. these were the nights I meet countless people who will always be remembered since I have countless pictures with them.

2) getting in to the parks for free

half the fun of working at Disney was being able to go to the parks whenever I wanted. (Of course I never went as much as I should have bc work can exhaust you.)

At Hollywood Studios

I loved the times you could decide to go to animal kingdom an hour before it closed to go on Everest or the dinosaur ride. Or walking through Epcot and making new friends in Italy or Germany (chris). Going to magic kingdom just to get ice cream and watch the fireworks. Or spending an hour trying to convince someone to ride tower of terror telling them it is the easy side and watching them freak out when they are on the ride. (sorry Jessica).

Epcot with Chris

There is not much more I can say about how much fun the parks were you can only imagine what it was like to be able to see Cinderella castle whenever I wanted.

Animal Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

3) meeting snow white.

The first time I ever went to WDW was last jan with Kassie and to be completely honest I had a blast but I was secretly sad that I didn’t get to meet snow white.

When I decided I was going to do this program I was excited that I would have 7 months to meet her.
I first meet snow white at studios during the 5 o’clock character greetings.. I told my self I went to the parks by my self to play but I knew that there was a 75% chance she would be out and that I would get to see her.
When I first meet her I became this 5 year old little girl and confessed my love to her (in a non creepy way).
And after that experience I was able to meet her multiple other times and each was as wonderful as the first. (I did learn how to compose my self a little better).
Some where in june or july me and Monique realized the joy of meeting characters and spent a day at magic kingdom looking for characters. The first one we saw together was buzz lightyear and he kissed my hand (we are practically engaged).
After that we made a point to try to see at least one character each time we went to the parks.
Towards the end of my program I now have an autograph book (all most completely full… I know it is a little sad I didn’t finish it). And I meet more characters that I could name and each one has brought a little excitement to my life. The most recent being bolt, rhino, and mittens doing the W-I-L-D wildcat dance with us.

4) working at Hollywood Studios

the cast member who told me where I was working the second day I was at vista asked me “guess where you are working” I first guessed magic kingdom, then epcot, and the animal kingdom… I couldn’t remember the name of Hollywood studios. My response was something like oh I guess the studio one.

I had no idea what to expect. I had no idea how horrible or great my costume would be. After my first traditions I went to studios with a group of people and tried to look for where I looked.
But I had no idea where or what “left block merchandise” was.

But after I was finally able to reschedule my traditions and start work the next week. I realized my costume wasn’t that bad.
I mean panty hoes and wearing a pair of short/skirt combination up to my belly button stinks.. but it was still better then what they had to wear at animal kingdom.
I went through my first day of training with Megan (I later became friends with her) and our trainer was fred. The first day of training went by just fine.
But after the second day of training with this guy who was younger then me teaching me how to do everything I wanted to quit. I officially hated my job and even more I hated having to count back change the Disney way.

On my third day I hated it even more. I had to work the main entrance cart. (all by myself). I caught myself lying to guest. Trying to make it seem like I knew what I was talking about. And I also had to wear the hideous green costume. (and it was really really hot out)
But that soon changed some where in july ( I think). I began to embrace the block party bash and come to love high school musical 2. I became excited when I got hub carts and I could watch the parade, hsm2 and see the 4 and 5 o’clock characters come out.
I also started to love and wish it would rain every day.
Something happened and I decided that studios was my favorite park and I saw my self going there to play more and more.

Because I worked at studios I know love high school musical and I am completely okay with dancing like an idiot when I hear the block party bash music. (I am sure I will catch my self on youtube looking for both of those when I get home.)

5) Ladies drink free

this may seem like a weird thing to make my list. But I feel like the nights going out with my friends needs to make this list.
When I came to Orlando I only thought “ladies drink free” nights was a myth something that only happened in movies or something that you only heard about on the radio.
But I was wrong I soon found out that on Sunday and Tuesday night it was the reality.

Going out to the House of Blues and Ale house allowed me to meet new people and become closer with my friends and roommates.
I will never forget dancing the night away at HOB or sitting and talking at the ale house.

Whether it was Monique and Erika our first Tuesday in Orlando at the Ale House or going to HOB with new friends (the Canadians). Ladies drink free nights was an excuse to be able to get together and hang out with friends outside of work and Vista.

I also have to remember the nights where I wasn’t so lucky and had to pay for my own drinks. The 10 dollar sand buckets at pleasure island with Monique, Jessica, and Derek. the ridiculously priced drinks at jellyrolls (but that never seemed to bother us considering how fun we realized dueling pianos could be) and the best being the 2 dollar you call it nights at BW3.

bye disney....

My 7 month Disney college program has come to an end. I spent the time (may19-jan2) working long pointless… amazing… hours at the Walt Disney World Park doing merchandise at Hollywood Studios.

Even though there was plenty of times that i did not want to go to work and i wanted to move back to iowa. i can honestly say that i am 100% glad that i stuck with it.
i will never forget the things i have learned and the people i have meet.

i have decided to do a top 5 reasons why my disney experience was so great.

5) Ladies Drink Free

4) working at Hollywood studios

3) meeting snow white

2) getting in to the parks for free

1) amazing people

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

block party bash

on news year eve me and monique went to the park to hang out before work and we watched the block party bash.

they have this part where they have people come on to the street and dance with them and of course i was dancing on the street (bc i have seen it a million times) and jessie (from toy story) made me come out... and i made monique come with me.
of course there was no photos.

but i bring this up bc i was youtube searching bc that is what i do... and i found this video i thought kinsey would appreciate.

it is a guy in the block party bash signing during the parade (when he is in the parade) i have seen him before but i thought he just did it when the float was coming out.. but no i guess he does it the whole time.
it is amazing
(the last time i watched this parade i saw the professional signers on the side doing there thing in their blue shirts... like the ones we saw the one day when we watched hsm2.)

New Years

I had to work on new years eve all day.... i got off at 12:45 which wasn't bad considering the park was open until 3 am.

work all together wasn't that bad
1) bc everyone had to work.

it was nice to be able to see a lot of people one last time before i left. and since full time people got paid more. it was mostly just CP and ICPs working.

the managers were also a little nicer since they knew it was most of our last couple of days
2) i got to see the fire works.

at 11:50 they said they were going to start the fireworks. but of course they didn't start until 12:00.

but exactly at 11:45 i stepped away from the register bc i didn't want to be stuck checking people out and since i didn't get to see the fireworks on the 4th of july i was determined to see these

and i figured i wouldn't get in trouble since i only had 2 days left.

i stood right outside of one of the doors and directed traffic. (well pretended to direct traffic... i just wanted to make sure i had a place to stand).

yeah i am mean:)

but the fireworks were amazing.

they played this rocker music and shoot fireworks from above the buildings.

... but the street was packed... i attempted to take a photo of this. (the whole street was filled with people like this. all the way up to the hat. this was all most the end of the street)

3) after midnight the store was not busy at all. (and guest were super happy)

everyone just walked through the store.

but of course the park was open until 3... so that prob explained why no one was buying anything.

and we were super i mean super busy during the day. the only thing i was even able to say to people all day was "blah blah.. this is your total.. blah blah.. happy new year"

4) i got to hang out with my friends after i got off.

most of my friends got off around 12:30 and 1 so we all planned on walking around the park after work.

we spent most of the time watching the Christmas lights on the streets of America. since it was extra magic hours and we couldn't ride any of the rides.

Yeah we rock

.. it was a lot of fun. (the pictures do not even begin to tell you how cool it was)

and we did get to ride tower of terror one last time. (i have no idea how since none of us had room keys.. but we did... which made the night even more amazing)

the group photo

be jealous

today it was 80 in jacksonville.

i just thought i would rub it in. :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

high school musical rocks

so i don't know if i have informed you all of this before but i am slightly a high school musical freak now. (well i mean i am kind of a disney freak now, but i never thought i would be a hsm freak)
a couple of weeks ago me and my friend bought a wildcat tshirt when they were 40% off (and then we got our cast member 50% discount.. so it was like 5 dollars).

last Monday we went to animal kingdom to take pic with characters and go on some attractions i have never been on (like the planet watch.. which was amazing)

we waited in line to meet mickey, minnie, chip &dale, brother bear, donald and daisy duck.
.... but the coolest character was goofy bc he knew the high school musical W-I-L-D dance.
it was amazing.

then we headed off to hollywood studios were we meet bolt, rhino, and mittens.
and rhino (the hamster) started doing the dance and bolt also started doing it. (mittens just kind of stood there like a stuck up cat).
that was even more amazing...

we also watched the hsm 3: right here right now show.

i let megan stand in front of me bc i knew she was a bigger fan.
and during the song "i want it all" they pick 4 guest to come up on stage and be the star of the show... and megan was picked to be in it.

... she freaked out. i'm pretty sure she almost started to cry.

Megan in the show!!

she got a star dazzle button. which was pretty much awesome.

we also took a million jumping photos in front of the hat. (it took like 15 min to get a good one and we had a bunch of people just looking at us funny).

that was the end of an eventful day of hsm fun... and oh yeah i am also a freak bc i own the soundtrack for 2 and 3.... but i am ok with it and my iowa friends are just going to have to deal with it.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

CP graduation

I’m going to write blogs this week to update you on the past month of my life even though… I’m done with the program. But I feel like I need to tell you things.

So to begin my this little experiment. (it will be interesting to see how many of these I actually do)

The beginning of December we had our college program graduation. I went with a bunch of people from work. And had a blast.

They had free food for, we got Mickey ears, a diploma, and characters there.

Me and Grace with our certificates saying we finished!

Mickey and Minnie

Most of my fellow CP cast members from studios in front of the graduation sign

Most of the Fall Advantage program cast members from studios

We went to Magic Kingdom after.... it was a blast