Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dear Random Family Members (aka my Great Aunt)

Dear Great Aunt,

I have recently come across the knowledge that you read my blog, and that other family member may also read my blogs. (And when I say other family members, I mean people other than my sisters... I know it’s shocking)
In reality this shouldn't be a shocker, considering that you told me you read my blog and have included mine (and my sister's blogs) in this years family directory.
A "directory" that I was unaware existed until the beginning of this month.  But now that I am becoming an “adult” I am sure I will need the information that is provided in this directory for my future life… I mean eventually I’ll get married and have children (hopefully in that order) and I’ll need to know where the million family members I have live. (And yes, I understand million may be an understatement)

Anyway. To my point.

I would like to put out a warning to any family members that read this blog, and especially any family member that has the title like “great” (not that “great” means you are old.  I just feel like it is safe to assume that we are in different age groups.)  Really this warning is for anyone who read my blog who doesn’t fall into the “I’m in my 20’s” category.

Here is my warning…

I promise I don’t normally write about drinking/alcohol and the poor discussions I may or may not make while being intoxicated.  If you run across any of these posts, I think it is best to skip over it and pretended I never wrote it.   I think it is utterly important that you always see me as an “innocent child” and there is no reason for you to think I have matured into an amazing adult.  I’m perfectly okay with people who remember me as a baby, not reading about my 1st drinking experience.

hmmm…. That may be my only disclaimer.  But in all honestly I think I have only written a handful of these blogs in the year and a half I’ve been blogging, so it is safe to say you probably won’t run across many. (Let’s just say the previous couple of posts have been flukes… and more importantly have been used as a tactic to help me get the immature “drinking” blogs out of my system before I have to grow up and be an adult)

My final concluding thought: you will run across a lot of blogs about Disney, Movies, my pointless problems, and random list that I like making… I can't make any excuses for those.

Great Aunt, please continue to read my blog.  I promise the majority of my posts are awesome.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Top 5 “maybe I shouldn’t have done that” drinking moments

1. First Bar Experience, freshmen year with my crazy roommate Kelly. Needless to say she thought it was a good idea to pre-game with Jager Bombs and Vodka. After we ran out of alcohol we went to one of her friend’s dorm at Burge and proceeded to drink miller light until they ran out. At that moment we were convinced to go to the bars. I was the only one who was 19, none of us had a fake id, and for some reason we all got into Etc. with 21 wristbands. From what I remember it was a blast.
Side note: I could never respect Etc. as a real bar after this.

2. House Parties my Freshmen Year. They were always 1) uneventful of 2) more eventful then you hoped. Uneventful if you got to the party to late and had to wait 10 minutes to fill up your cup. Or eventful when you could spend your night playing flippy cup with jungle juice, dancing to everclear, taking pictures with a Justin Timberlake magnetic, or the essential “OMG I’m underage and the cops are at this house party” freak out moment.

I know I said no pictures…but this could possibly be my favorite pic of  the "good old freshmen year house party"... I also just love Mike's face. 

3) 99 apples night, Sophomore year. This was epic. It involved Steph convincing her brother to buy us a bottle of 99 apples and then Mike, Allison, Kinsey, Steph, and I spending the next couple of hours finishing it.
This was also the night that when we ran out of 99 apples and thought chasing Hawkeye Vodka with water was the best idea ever, I used Erin’s fake ID at Kum & Go, we attempted to take a photo with the camera timer and Steph “forget to fill up her shoot glass”, Allison finally had her “seriously, we have been waiting 2 months for this to happen” moment, and we still some how ended up at Ben’s apartment before heading downtown…
Needless to say I think Mike was the only one who made it to bar close.

4. 21st birthday, is one of the few times you are allowed to act like a complete full and people still have to be nice to you. From what I was told; I had fun, I drank a lot, it was raining on our walk home, and Kassie made me wear her shoes…. It was a good time.
I also passed out in the hallway next to my kitchen floor. … Needless to say I was immobile for at least 2 days.

5. FAC, 1st semester senior year. Allison and I decided to end our semester (well technically the end of her college career) by drinking after my 2:30 class.
here is how it went; we went to Bojames, Fieldhouse (for some “awesome” live music.. they don’t do it anymore *tear*), then we got some free pitchers from some random characters for their birthday, we got bored and went to go chit chat at the local ATM (it was cold outside, we weren’t ready to go home, and it was inside), and finally we made our way to Quintons.
It was intense… in the since that we made about 10 new bffs and I’m confident we both woke up thinking “WTF”

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fight for Air Climb

My siblings and I decided to do the American Lung Association Fight for Air Climb in honor of our mom who passed away on Dec. 1st after a long battle with COPD. It is a climb up 1,100 stairs of 801 Grand in Des Moines, IA on Feb. 28th.

Our team is called “Out on the Prowl” My mom always had quite an interest in mentioning how she always believed us girls were “prowling” in Iowa City.
I’m sure she will be happy to know that we are continuing to use her “idea” as our teams name.
Obviously, you can all join our team if you would like, that would be absolutely awesome. (click here)
If you need motivation, I was told we would have some pretty amazing shirts made.

But if you don’t want to join our team…. Maybe you are one of those “random” people who read my blog. (When I say “random” I mean, the individuals who I secretly love and wish you would comment on every single one of my post to boost my narcissist habits…but anyways)

We would absolutely love if you would considering donating something to help us reach our current goal of $500. It could $1, 5, 10, 20, 50, etc… anything would help.
If you want to give you can click here.

Here is their little motivation…
"Your support helps the American Lung Association in Iowa in the Fight for Air. With lung disease on the rise, we are fighting for research that will find a cure for tomorrow. We are fighting for those who can’t quit smoking and those who shouldn’t start. We are fighting for lungs that burn from exercise rather than from ozone. We are fighting for asthma education to stop children from dying from asthma attacks. We are fighting for laws that improve air quality both inside and out. And we won’t breathe easy until we win the fight."

Top 5 “average” drinking moments

1. Tuesday nights with A.Hughes at brothers (1st semester senior year). I believe we might have accomplished it all on our traditional Tuesday night; everything from studying at the bar during finals, dancing to some classic boy bands, and convincing complete strangers to buy us drinks.
And honestly there is nothing more exciting then weekday drinking.

2. Saturday nights at Josh and Josh, sophomore year.
We spent countless hours at their apartment; spending our nights playing beer pong and stealing Smirnoff from the fridge.
My friends and I would raid their fridge every weekend and steal whatever we found. It was amazing and turned into a slight tradition where even the people who lived there knew we did it.
Honorable Mention: Really any house party my sophomore year; they always seemed to include beer pong and stealing random shit.
(Now that I’m old I’m going to blame this on the joys of being underage)

3. Fiesta Mexico, 2nd semester senior year. They had 3.99 margaritas, free chips and salsa, and on occasion karaoke... one word "amazing"
(This could very easily be combined with number 1, but I thought it deserved its own point).

4. Glenn Live, Thursday nights at Bojames (senior year) There is nothing more entertaining then watching an average singer play mainstream music at a bar.

5. Politics and alcohol. During my junior year we would occasionally have nontraditional meeting about John Edwards over drinks (but no need to worry it was always bars like The Mill or Old Capital…definitely not Summit or Union)
I may be the only person who believes this, but there is nothing more amazing then drinking and talking about politics.

Side note: after looking through photos of my 4 years of college I have made the executive decision not to post pictures of me drinking on my blog… trust me, you never look as cute as you think you do after a couple of drinks.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Top 5 favorite natural disasters (or more appropriately, when classes were cancelled)

1. Tornado, freshmen year. There is nothing like having a ton of Chicago residents freak out just b/c of the weather. I also had two papers due the next day and loved the fact that I got a weekend extension on everything. Oh, and the weekend itself was a blast. There was only 4 girls remaining on my floor and we spent the weekend going to Wal-Mart at midnight, playing music as loud as possible, having a water fight in the hallway, and watching movies.
It was amazing!

2. Mardi Gras junior year. Kinsey, Allison, Stephanie, and I spent the night taking a million photos (one with a snowman) and drinking the night away.
We woke up the next day and classes were canceled. It was the best hung-over experience ever.

3. Week before Finals Junior year. I had a project due in my film class and desperately needed an extension on it. Needless to say the lab was open all day and classes were cancelled. I suppose this is the most productive use of a snow day ever.

4. The Wednesday before finals this year. It wasn’t all that amazing; I really just spent the whole day
watching movies and being depressed…. But I suppose not having class is always fun. (And I do love snow)

5. Um…. So maybe there have only been 4 times classes have been cancelled.
Kinsey told me to mention the Flood, but I informed her I was at Disney so it doesn’t count.
Honorable Mention: there was once an Earthquake; I didn’t feel it, but it happened.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Top 5 Classes

1. Intro to Politics: We spent half the class talking about Southern Politics… it was awesome.

2. Intro to American Politics: I took this my freshmen year and was the only reason I changed my major to political science. I can’t tell you a single thing I learned, but I knew it was the only class I enjoyed going to.

3. Elements of Art: all you did was draw and no one cared if you had any talent. Once again… awesome

4. Multimedia politics: I took two classes by the same professor that were basically the same class. The first one I loved the second one I dreaded.
In this class we had to produce a fictional campaign that was based off of a random person; my group’s candidate was Peter Griffin. Needless to say our campaign was amazing and our commercials were even better.
Also our rival candidate were; Jack Bauer, Dwight Schrute, and Stephen Colbert.
(Obviously, it was hard to take this class too seriously)

5. Quest II: my introduction to the Jewish religion. I had no choice but to add it to the list.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Top 5 favorite College moments.

Presented in a PG manor that doesn’t involve nights that involved more alcohol I could handle… (I promise a list for that later.)

1. Freshmen year, hanging out with Slater 2 during finals weeks while having midnight breakfast at Hillcrest.
There is nothing more fun then a bunch of freshmen who would rather spend an hour talking/gossiping about life then studying.

Really… I loved almost about everything we did as a floor my freshmen year.
Honorable mention: first snow fall as a college student, who would have thought that sledding with a garbage can lid would be so much fun.

2. Sophomore year, watching Lost every Wednesday night with Alex.
We also had lots of random nights where we watched Disney movies; she was obsessed with Disney before I ever had a desire to work at Disney.

3. Sophomore Year, Monopoly! There was probably a month were all we did was play monopoly. It always ended the same; Erin getting tricked into losing (Leslie would soon follow), trading pieces for immunity, Mike trying to show off his business degree, and it always ended after about 3 hours.
These were probably my favorite Thursday nights.

4. Junior Year, My college experience can’t be summed up with out mentioning John Edwards. I loved everything about the caucus; meeting the candidates, hearing them speak, spending hours watching CNN … the list could go on and on.
I loved everything about grassroots campaigning.

5. Hawkeye Football. There was always one game every year that is just amazing and can sum up any college experience. My sophomore year it was the Ohio State game; college game day and night games are always awesome.
This year it would have been the Indiana game… or I guess really any home game (well besides Northwestern)

Top College Moments.

Kassie and Kaci have put a lot of pressure on me via their blogs about my response to graduation.
And after a lot of thought and realizing that I have nothing else going on in my life I have decided to come up with a slight blog serious about my favorite/least favorite college moments.

The run down:
- I figured I would list five things for the various different topics
- I also won’t talk about Disney (I feel like that would be to predictable)
- Really the only reason I’m doing this is because I’m terrified of growing up.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Random Drinking Games...

now that i'm an adult i can no longer take part in youthful actions.
You know that actions that involve a 18-19 year old hiding out in their dorm room while they drink Hawkeye Vodka and the fake version of Mountain Dew that Coke makes.  (obviously I haven't actively took part in "pre-gaming" in my room by myself since my dorm years and especially since I have been 21... but it's is just the fact that I nolonger can.... mostly because it is called alcoholism now that I'm 23).

anyway.  my freshmen year my friend Maggie introduced me to this amazing drinking came that only rule was you had to take a drink every time the word "F--k" was said in the movie Boondocks Saints.
... you can imagine how successful this was at getting "the job done" and I can honestly say I have yet to watch Boondocks Saint all the way through (i believe that last scene I remember is the one where the cat gets shoot)

because I'm a recent grad and have nothing else going on in life I came across this website that has a list of 8 movie drinking games.  (none of them are as awesome as the Boondocks Saints drinking game... )
an example:

Million Dollar Baby

Drink once: Everytime you check the back of the box to make sure that this movie about women' sports was directed by the same guy who made Unforgiven.
Drink again: Every time you check the back of the box to make sure this movie won the Best Picture Oscar.
Finish your beer and open another one: When the sadistic fucks who wrote the movie start making your girlfriend cry just because they can.
Keep drinking: After the movie has ended and your girlfriend decides that she wants to "talk about what the movie meant."
Fail to enunciate your words: As you argue that it' best not to dwell on what was clearly one of the most horrific movie-viewing experiences of either of your lives.

1) I understand these games are slightly pointless and the rules seems trivial.
2) I think every movie should/could be made into a drinking game.
3) I also understand I'm just trying to secretly relive my 'youth'
4) there is no way I could actively play any of these games... just the idea of "pre-gaming" before the bar seems ridiculous now that i'm 'old'

Friday, December 18, 2009

today is.... blah

over the past two weeks I had a great distraction.... school.
I mean I hated the distraction, but I had it and it was amazing.

yesterday my distraction was over with. (well technically I still have to write a strategic plan for my nonprofit class, but I'm not counting that).

now i'm forced to actively think about a) the rest of my life b) my mom

today, is a bad day.  today, is a crappy day.  today,  may be the worst day yet.
today sucks.

(sorry for the depressing post, i'll post a happy post later to make up for it)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Things That Have Annoyed Me Today...

1. people who study in groups.  everyone around me is studying in groups of 3+ and I know from 4 years of experience, studying does not happen in groups.
For this main purpose I have taken a big table at the IMU that has two plug ins; one for my computer and one for phone... take that freshmen.  (you have 4 years to "socialize" go back to your dorm.)

2. girls who wear leggings and uggs to be "comfy" but then also decide they need to put on make up and do their hair.

3. Farmville... there is nothing more distracting or annoying when you need a computer and you walk behind someone playing farmville.

4. The Impossible Game  I have wasted at least an hour playing it... and i'll probably waste another 3 hours later.

5. That I have been in college for 4 years and I know how finals work, but I still have waited until the last minute to do any work.  (but I'm secretly hoping that 4 years of college has also taught me how to BS a paper... I'll let you know how that goes)

(I also read blogs like Spina Doodles instead of doing productive work)

6. I realized I totally wasted away my gym membership this month.  bye bye SSS.  (i have been so lazy this month)

7. Google Chrome... I downloaded it bc I was influenced by well i don't really know by what so lets say a blog. and i'm pretty sure it is only meant for "fast" computers.

(seriously, even searching for these images are taking forever)

8. When people you don't like Text you or When you run into someone on the street who you haven't talked to in 4 years and they wanna know "what you are doing after you graduate"

(oh, and the awkward hug you get)

9. the cold weather. I love snow, but there is no reason why it needs to be this cold.

10. I realized today, that tomorrow I'm kind of done with my college career. which means responsibilities and no more weekday drinking.. boo

(11) that I actually took the effort to find pictures for everything on my list... and trust me google images of "wasting away your life" is not what i wanted to do today.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Taylor Swift should stick to singing "classic" Christmas songs.

Steph found it completely necessarily to make me listen to this song.
it is ridiculous.

if you can't hear... here are some of the crazy lyrics.
What would happen if God never let it snow
What would happen if Christmas carols told a lie

So here's to the birthday boy who saved our lives

What if angels did not pay attention to
All the things that we wished they would always do
What if happiness came in a cardboard box
Then I think there is something we all forgot
What would happen if presents all went away
Tell me what would you find

Is that the day holds something special
Something holy, not superficial
So here's to Jesus Christ who saved our lives
It's something we all try to ignore

thoughts: T.Swift, please, please just stick to songs like winter wonderland or santa baby.  thanks.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Things that made me smile this week....

1. It's a Wonderful Life.
hands down my favorite movie... I love George Bailey

2. Snow Day!
not that I accomplished anything on the "snow day"  but whenever class is canceled it's a good thing.

3. Kinsey Text convo.
apparently Kinsey tells dad everything.  because quote "we don't have any friends besides each other."
Normally this text may make me feel a little sad for Dad (and I guess kinsey)... but the texts that went before and after this were way to funny.
example texts:
"dad said your pretty good looking and smart.... he also claims that he is the above."
"dad says behave bc mom is watching you"
"dad says he didn't go grey until you were born"

4. Free Coffee
possibly the only perk to finals

5. knowing that I never have to go through finals week ever again.
... of course this has also resulted in me being a horrible student this week

6. Steph getting mad at me because I drank water at the bar.

7. Hershey Hugs
even though they cost me full CVS price. I still love them.

8. Real Hugs
like the kind you give real people.

9. Hanukkah
I love Holidays, even if it is a holiday that I don't get to celebrate.

10. Mike Huckabee (and really anything that's on FOX news)
he has a show, it's awesome... in a "mike Huckabee is a crazy evangelical/conservative, and yet moderately funny" kind of way

beginning with a snow cone stand.... and ending with church
yep, Huckabee is crazy :)

(11.) phone calls/gmail messages/twitter/facebook convos with A.Hughes.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Another post about Germany

Lately (for obvious reason... ) I have not been motivated at all.

As I have mentioned earlier my professors have been amazing and have giving me an extension on my papers that were due this week.  but I have been putting off writing my two papers for my German class.
I told my professor that I would probably hand in my paper sometime on Thursday or Friday.  and well today is Friday and I have about 3 sentences written on my paper.

my problem with my one paper (yet another installment of the autobiography, I have complained about multiple times) is that we are suppose to talk about the time frame between 1966-1989.  and of course I missed all the class periods where we talked about East Germany during this time period.
I literally have no idea what life was like during this time period (i thought about renting a video about the Berlin Wall, but I figured it would focus to much on the negative aspect of the wall.... and my character is a communist who likes the wall... grrr).

my second problem is with my other paper... which is basically a book report where we have to discuss how the characters in two books "Comes to terms with the past"
I could very easily write this paper, I understand how Germany came to terms with the post-Nazi era.  But the two books we are suppose to have read (which I have read) both dealt with death and not just like typical (German/war) death, but death where they were "close" to the person who passed away. 
And obviously the only thing I remember about both books is the intense detail they gave about the funerals... and you can imagine how my mind wanders when I try to focus on the details for my paper.

... I'm secretly hoping that I will now be motivated to finish one of the papers... considering that normally after I vent I finish my paper is a speedy manner.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

it's that time of the year...

over the past month every time I open up my latest issue of Time, I'm reminded that the end of another decade is coming.  I have read about 20 top ten list of various different items (from political, social... well anything "news" worthy).

but while spending my time studying playing around the internet, I came across this list...

40 things that were popular at the beginning of the decade that aren't popular anymore.

here are my favorite:

3. AIM Subprofiles

I imagine this has now been replaced by Twitter or Facebook... but I spent way to much time trying to come up with a clever subprofile.... so much wasted talent.

10. TRL

I envied the my friends who had cable and could watch the latest BSB video before me.... I feel like a whole part of my childhood is missing b/c I didn't get to watch TRL regularly.

 15. Old Navy Fleece

today as i was walking home in the snow I thought "i wish wearing old navy fleece was still cool"... but it's not. boo

18. Rubber Braclets

seriously, they have one for every disease... it got a little insane

25. Chat Rooms

I forgot people use to communicate via chat room... before I read this post.
( I suppose google wave could just be considered a really cool updated chat room)

30. Lindsay Lohan's acting career

I was always on team Lohan... and then she had to become a lesbian drug addict.

39. CD Walkmen

I'm definitely not a music person, put I can not imagine just having one CD or band option when walking to class. (but the walkmen could be the reason I know all the words to every Matchbox 20 and everclear song)

Monday, December 7, 2009

blah. school.

In less then two weeks I will officially be done with my collegiate career. 
and I honestly was not expecting my last couple of weeks of college like this.
I imagined I would spend my last nights taking advantage of dollar u-call-it and going to my finals hungover.....

but now all I want to do is sleep and I slightly envy the students at the library who can actually focus on their homework.

This week I have (or I suppose I should say, did have) 5 papers due, a presentation, and a test.
and then during finals week I have 2 test and another paper (which I was just told about today in class... I am not happy about it at all).

Today I took my test, which was okay... I'm definitely not expecting the A in the class that I hoped.
Tomorrow I have to hand in a paper and give a presentation (mostly because my professor didn't email me back... seriously, i know you check your email. grrr)
all my other assignments I was told I could in late... which I'm not completely sure how late is "late" but I plan on handing in my two German papers by Thursday or Friday.
and I really should work on my two large papers soon (well like now). but honestly I'm not motivated to write a 15 and 20 page paper about two topics I could care less about.

anyway. I'm super unmotivated.
I could care less about what grades a get (this semester isn't going to change my GPA) and I could less if I have a social life our not.

what I really need is a good distraction. (that doesn't involve school or being allowed to focus on my own thoughts)

on a happier note: I Love snow!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Mom

Last night we (Rick, Kassie, Kaci, me, and Kinsey) made a list of 25 things we love about our mom….

25 Things We Love About Mom

1. She wrote each of us diaries about our lives
2. She was always willing to talk on the phone and hear the pointless details of my life. She knew when I pulled into my garage that we would talk tomorrow.
3. She taught me to believe in God.
4. She would send you a handwritten letter that would only say “I love you,” “You are my favorite, but don’t tell your sisters,” or “I love you…the most.”
5. She encouraged me to do whatever I wanted to do with my life.

6. She would be passionate about things because she knew it would make me happy.
7. Her stories…she would tell us to just listen and pretend to enjoy it unless we had already heard it five times.
8. She was obsessed with Graham looking like me. She only liked pictures of him that showed the resemblance.
9. She always told us “we were beautiful.”
10. She taught me how to be blunt. She always told it like it was.

11. She was a fighter. She was not willing to give up on living.
12. She was a hopeless romantic, and always told me how much I can be loved and never to put up with less.
13. Her stories were mostly random and disconnected…but always in an interesting way.
14. She loved our dad.
15. She never complained about driving hundreds of miles every week just so I could wrestle with the best.

16. She taught us and truly believed that the bond of sisters is bigger than any joys you encounter, bigger than any lies that are told, and bigger than any hardship.
17. She was crazy. Called her blog a blob, had to have a certain kind of ice, loved Clay Aiken, and always used different colored fonts in her emails.
18. She loved BINGO.
19. She has always allowed us to make our own decisions.
20. Her “love language” was gift giving. She showered us with love through gifts. Random packages from random catalogs, packages of candy for us and our roommates, and a five dollar bill in a letter. She was incredibly generous, with her children and those in need.

21. She would always go to our extracurricular activities, record them on the radio and write down the scores, so we could always remember them.
22. She taught us how to love our family by example; she visited her parents several times a week.
23. She was okay with us sleeping in when we were in high school just as long as we woke up before our dad got off of work.
24. She put a lot of thought into her letters, emails and blogs.
25. There is so much of her in me.

And Kaci originally blogged about this (I just copied it.)

Monday, November 30, 2009

I love Santa (and so will Graham)

Kassie's recent blog post was just a little ridiculous. she stated...
 "What he doesn't know is his parents already decided Santa isn't coming this year."
I'm a firm believer that Santa could possibly exist and that maybe, just maybe, he doesn't come out because people don't believe in him (you know.. the whole, we don't have enough "Holiday Cheer" thing)

I would be okay with Kassie and John saying that they aren't buying Graham any Christmas presents from Santa, because
1)  they want to see if Santa really exists.  but in order for this to work they really have to believe that Santa exists (and honestly John is to much of a republican and Kassie is to much of a conformist for this to ever work)
2) they really believe in Santa, but they want to make sure Santa gives all of his "good" presents to the really needy children of the world.

Kassie (and John) are ruining Grahams future childhood dreams by not embracing this whole Santa thing.  I could honestly care less if they don't take him to church, or if he believes St. Patricks Day is a real holiday, that gigantic bunnies can delivery candy, and dressing up for Halloween could just bring embarrassing pictures he wouldn't want to see when he is older (I mean I love Halloween but I think it is socially acceptable if Graham doesn't)
Graham has been to Walt Disney World more times in his first 6 months then most adults will go in their lifetime.... so I think it is safe to say that Graham can believe in a little extra "magic"

conclusion: My new goal in life is to corrupt Graham into believing that Santa Clause is real (well at least until he is 8... or whatever the normal age when you stop believing in Santa)

oh.  I love Christmas (i think it is okay to still love Christmas even though I want to be Jewish, because honestly this holiday is more commercial then valentines day.) so, expect at least 5 more post about Santa, Christmas, Snow, and Presents.

10 realizations about life

1. it's okay to talk to yourself when you're old... people expect it and no one reacts to it
2. I love my family, but sometimes they can be slightly annoying.  
3. Kinsey is okay with me believing that our family is slightly annoying because quote "right now, I love that everyone is being mean to you." ( i tried to reassure her that we will pick on her again, someday...)
4. everyone... I mean everyone will try to give you life advice.  even if the person didn't get a real job until he was at least 28.
5. When your cousins want you to play football, they only include you to make their teams even.  trust me they will not pass you the ball.
6. The public library is the "cool" place for middle schoolers to hang out.
7. dial up stinks... it is literally impossible to  gchat, fbchat, or even open google wave.
8. it takes 3 months for dust to become visible on items in our house.
9.  "old people" gossip more then young people
10. i love shopping the day after thanksgiving.  I love that I had no real intentions on buying anything but still  came back with lots of stuff.  I love that someday I want to be one of those crazies waiting in line for a TV.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Adventurland... the movie, not the place (but I wish this was a post about the place)

I'm spending my break in perry... I know it's real exciting
and in a typical manor after about a 20  minute convo with my dad about "typical dad stuff"  I was bored.
and in typical manor I decided the only thing I could do to pass my boredom was to rent a movie.

So i headed to the local Redbox, because honestly I'm to cheap to rent a movie at a real movie place.
after looking through the 30 or so options I decided to go with "Adventurland" I figured I could some how relate to a movie about a theme park.

and after about 5 mins, I realized this movie was basically my life with a better plot, drugs, a job, and a summer love.

how it compared to my life:
- the main character just graduated from college and had to move home with his parents.
- he applied to various places but realized his degree in literature wouldn't get him a real job
- he started working at a theme park
- his parents would constantly say things like "why don't you hang out with your high school friends"

um, that might be it.... and honestly this guys life was way more exciting then my life.

Conclusion: If the point of "Adventurland" was depress me. It worked.  
Now all I want to do is move to some big city, move into a tiny apartment, and work at some crazy liberal organization that pays me minimal wage... (I know I have intense life dreams) ...  
side note: the plot had nothing to do with working with a liberal organization, it did end with the character moving to New York... but in reality this was  me just going off on a random thought.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

There is nothing wrong with a healthy obsession with WWII

For those of you living in some kind of non-cable world... you may not realize how awesome TV has been this week.

This past week on the History Channel they had a ten part serious about WWII. I literally spent three days where all I did was watch the various episodes. It didn't even matter that by Friday I had seen them all. (and yes, I realize this may make me really lame).

but my obsession with WWII also continued when I watched Valkyrie.

For those of you who don't know the plot; it is basically Tom Cruise and a group of ex-Nazis attempting to kill Hitler.

Honestly, I have a slight hatred for Tom Cruise and had no idea how I would like this movie. .... I even made a slightly horrible joke, where I stated that I might be routing for Hitler in this movie. (steph informed me that it wasn’t funny.)

The movie drove me insane mostly because they made Cruise seem like this noble man who only wanted to kill Hitler because his conscience got to him.

But, in reality Hitler had huge support among the German citizens and plots to kill him didn’t start until the war was almost over, after it was widely known that Germany wasn’t going to win.

I also had the huge problem where they try to make someone who was obviously a strong Nazi supporter (well strong enough to continually get promoted in the army) into a good character. I mean clearly the people who tried to kill Hitler had to be angry with the regime. But I just can’t look past the years this character would have spent supporting Hitler.

If his conscience really got to him, why didn’t he turn to resistance when Jews were being slaughtered in ghettos or even when the building of the extermination camps began?

Anyway. I applaud the individuals who tried to kill Hitler (I believe there were 20 attempts) b/c obviously it would have taken a lot of guts. But I just don’t think you can make a movie showing Cruise as a “good” character just because he wanted to kill Hitler, I mean he was a Nazi and took part in the genocide.

plus.... I can think of a 100 different movies that should be made about WWII that hasn’t been made. And I can guarantee that the majority of them would have a better plot and show individuals who could be considered real heroes.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day Three: Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa

The Kentucky Derby.

Happy Birthday plaque... it was random.

World's Largest Bat (if you can't tell Allison is a vampire)

World's Largest Baseball Bat
(an old lady was very entertained by us.... mostly bc we are awesome)

Derek Jeter's baseball bat.. Steph freaked out. 

on day three we found our driving hats.
we love Kentucky!
either b/c 1) there was so many great Photo opportunities
2) we saw a building for the Democratic party or
3) we saw a Jewish Hospital

We took a short detour and got to see one of my Disney Friends.
Grace is awesome and I miss her like crazy.


Day Two: South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky

The Battlefield that was 18 miles out of our way...

Yep, we wasted 2 hours for this... an empty field. 

we stopped at a cute little store that had ice cream.  we stopped and got the biggest ice cream cones ever... it was amazing.
(and oh yeah, then I had to call AAA bc my car wouldn't go out of park. but it is okay it only wasted another hour and we realized I was just an idiot.)

North Carolina... when I still liked NC and didn't realize that mountains were scary

we took a detour because fallin rock closed the interstate we were on.  We drove through lots of little towns... all of them had a church and this may have been the only one with a "grocery" store. 
needless to say... Luck NC was one of the best towns we drove for.  The South is scary.

it was pretty... but still scary. 

the first KFC!

Day one: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina


Graham again (really one photo isn't enough)

America's Smallest Church.

World's largest Great Dane

World's Best BBQ?

Allison's reaction to the "world's best BBQ"

Needless to say Steph did not like the South.

I taught Steph the joy of jumping on hotel beds... 

If only the South was a drinking game

the south is predictable....

Situation: A slight detour through the mountains of South/North Carolina, where I was driving about 25 mph the whole time (it was super scary) for little over an hour.
during this time we decided it would be "fun" to count how many churches we saw.
the total count (we stopped once we were back in civilization) was 20.
I'm 95% positive that the ratio had to be 5 houses to every one church. 
seriously, we only passed one gas station and I can only remember one convenient store... but I suppose religion is more important then food.

Zac Brown Band
literally every time we turned on the radio they played a Zac Brown Band song... we heard "Toes" at least 20 times

We made the mistake of following a sign for a battlefield that was 18 miles off the interstate (all together a slight 3 hour detour).
but at the Cowpen battle sight we learned a couple of interesting things; this battle was the "southern" turning point of the revolutionary war (I imagine that is why I never learned about it in school), it lasted less then an hour, and most importantly the South is still bitter about the Civil War.

Old Ladies
What we Learned: in the Midwest old men are nice and in the South old ladies are nice.
An old lady in North Carolina welcomed us to the South.  it was cute. but of course by this point we were scared of the South. and all we wanted to do was get to the north.

more specifically chicken and BBQ.   They also love sides, every place we ate we had to choose 3 sides. it was crazy.  
side note: it was harder to find potatoes then you would think.... instead everyplace had hush-puppies.

Big Hair, Perfect skin, etc.
This has a lot more to do with allison, steph, and me being a little bitter.  We are far from perfect and it appears that every southern lady (young or old) we ran into was "perfect."

Peaches and Strawberries
they love making things about of peaches and strawberries...
like: peach cider (trust me, it wasn't very good) and homemade ice cream.  my dad probably would like the south.

Ice Tea
I already know this... but it was very predictable.   

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Road Trip

Today I'm heading to Florida with Allison and Steph for the 1st annual fundamental road trip (i think it sounds more important when you say annual).

i'm pretty excited (for all the obvious reason.)
1. to see Kassie and Graham
2. to listen to ridiculous music for 20 hours. bsb, spice girls, disney music...
3. the countless hours we will spend trying to figure out our countless pointless problems.
4. the amazing photo opportunities. (oh, and maybe a few jumping photos)
5.to be in FL again... i like considering it my second home

if anything, you all should be excited about the amazing blog post I'll write when I get back!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Why I love Allison!!

She just sent us a list of places to visit on our Road trip.

A Orlando, Florida
B Great Dane Statue, Savannah, GA
C Mystery Tree, Edisto Island, SC
D Large Rotating Cow, Charleston, SC
E Bee City: Town of Beehives, Cottageville, SC
F Asheville, North Carolina
G Large Iron, Asheville, NC
H Land of Oz, Beech Mountain, NC
I Santa's Land Theme Park, Cherokee, NC
J Museum of Salt and Pepper Shakers, Gatlinburg, TN
K World's Largest Rubik's Cube, Knoxville, TN
L Adolf Hitler's Tea Service, Anniston, AL
M World's Largest Chair, Anniston, AL
N Birmingham, Alabama
O Racist Dogs Sculpture, Birmingham, AL
P Graceland, Memphis, TN
Q Little Rock, Arkansas
R Super Museum, Metropolis, IL
S Popeye and Friends Statues, Chester, IL
T Robert Wadlow, World's Tallest Man, Alton, IL
U Iowa City, Iowa

and of course in A.Hughes fashion this is only option number 1... I love her. 

Worst Song Medley?

i'm 95% positive I have all of these songs on my itunes....

... but, I'm completely okay with it

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Movie Update!!

All The President's Men: In fifth grade I did a presentation on Richard Nixon and from what I remember it was mostly about Watergate.  This basically means that I already had more knowledge then needed to enjoy this film.  I can honestly tell you all about Washington Post role in "bringing down Nixon" and who William Felt is.

It should be noted that I'm sure my fifth grade report was mediocre and my  knowledge of Watergate mostly came from my political science and journalism classes. (journalism professors love All the President's Men almost as much as they hate blogs)

The Maltese Falcon: I normally like film noir and detective films, I did not like this movie at all.
Thank god that this movie was only an hour long.  I've had a professor this semester who loves this movie and talks about it all the time, I no longer have respect for him. (and I'm starting to notice a trend where I shouldn't listen to my professors opinion on films, they obviously have no idea what they are talking about)

A Streetcar Named Desire: it's official I love Marlon Brando. 

um... considering I have only watched three AFI movies in the past month is making me realize that maybe I should expand my deadline on when I want to finish the list by. 
I blame school, they should realize that I have more important things to do then homework

Friday, November 6, 2009

I might be crazy... WDWCP

my life plan for the past 6 months has revolved around me moving home at the end of this semester and taking over the role of taking care of my mom.  Which I have been okay with and have accepted as a roadblock in my post-college life goals.   ( I could make a pro/con list about moving home but that seems slightly pointless)

Kassie, my mom, and my dad all seem to think I could do another college program. Technically, they wanted me to do a Professional internship, but the applications dates have already passed.
Now that the idea is in my head I have spent an hour googling "Walt Disney World College Program."  which is a complete waste of time because I already know all about the program.

but regardless I have come up with a Pro/Con list of doing another program.

- I mostly loved my first program
- I would be closer to Kassie and Graham
- I would only do it if I got a better role (no more merchandise) and they have photopass as a role now, which would be awesome
- I would avoid all those stupid mistakes I made the first time (ie staying out all night before traditions)
- I would have a car. which would mean I could actually get the full CP experience.
- I would avoid winter in Iowa
- this would be a job, sure only an internship, but still better then what I would get in Iowa
- Quest: I could finally see/ride every attractions (the hall of presidents went under reconstruction before I could go throw it)
- Disney does look great on a resume. well i was told it did, I haven't actually figured this one out for my self.
- I'm already a Disney freak
- there are a lot of perks and discounts for cast members

- the costumes
-I would be farther away from my mom and (since I know how Disney works) if anything would happen I would probably have to end my program, since getting a week + off of work without receiving any points is almost impossible.  and once you have so many points it is harder to get a professional internship.
- My friends would probably judge me. (well minus my iowa friends who would want to visit me)
- and I would be one of those people I judged for doing a second college program
- money: I really don't know if I could handle working 40+ hours a week while getting paid less then minimum wage (I mean eventually I'm going to have to pay off my college loans)
- I do love snow
- when my program is over it would be that much harder to get a real person job
- I loved the program because of the people, different program means different people.
- I'm already a Disney freak
- twin bed and a roommate
- I would be close to 24 when my program ended, is this really the last "youthful" thing I want to do with my life.