Thursday, December 11, 2008

so.... i have been busy

since everyone decided to start a blog i feel like it is time for me to update you all in what has been going on in my life.
so here goes the fastest summary ever of the past couple of weeks.

to start off monique decided to self terminate (she left the tuesday of thanksgiving week) that is part of the reason i have been to busy to blog. bc we spent every second going to the parks or just doing things that we have never done before.

we finished all the jumping photos (animal kingdom was the last one to get)
did everything in toon town
watched the lion king show
went to jellyrolls one last time
ate at BW3 one last time
went to a character diner
became co-captians on the monorail (again)
took a milllion photos (no joke there was atleast a couple of hundred)
attempted to drink around the world (at least visit every country one last time)
.. and of course took another photo with Chris
cried a little and then a lot.
tried to convince her to stay.
.... and a bunch more things that would take up to much room on this quick blog.
(there are some photos of the fun we had on facebook

... as a result of monique leaving i no longer have a computer to use so i have to use the one at the learning center which make it allmost impossible to load photos on

then i worked a whole bunch during thanksgiving week.

and then the next weekend kassie and kaci and jeff d and john came to visit me.
(kaci was suppose to be a surprise but kassie accidently told me earlier that week)

kaci wrote a very good blog about the trip ... a blog that has photos and everything.

it was lots of fun. we went to the christmas party and then to universal (universal reguires its own blog though... expect that coming soon)

and this week i graudated from disney (yippy) expect a blog and photos about that too..

so here is a semi-short blog for you all. expect another one sometime in the next couple of days.
(not today though... i'm getting sick and really just want to go to bed.... yeah i said sick even though i am in florida and you are not suppose to get colds here bc it isn't suppose to get cold)


  1. i'm glad you posted a new post....i think you need to write a separate post about a. universal b. graduation from disney c. how amazing kaci is....thats all

  2. your blog made me cry a little because it is so sad monique left. I am crazy.

  3. your not crazy, your just pregnant