Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry christmas

i had to work last night until 11:30 and tonight i have to work from 1:30 to 9:00. which isn't that bad since i know some people working until 2:00 am (all i can say is i am soo glad i do not work in magic kingdom)

last night kassie and john came down to pick me up from work at 11:30 and i am staying with them in their hotel room.
and of course for the first time in the million times they have come and visited me i do not have a bed to sleep on so i had to sleep on the floor last night.... but it is ok bc i just talked to kaci and she said she also slept on the floor last night. so we had a nice bonding experience even though we are in different states.

work last night wans't that bad. i got to be santa for a couple different people which was pretty exciting. (well my hand writing was santa.... but it still works) and generally people were very nice and i didn't have problems with any one and lately a lot of people have been annoying me... but that is probably bc i only have a week left!

today when i'm at work kassie and john are going to go to epcot. (i told them that going there would have the most christmas stuff and magic kingdom would be way too crazy today)

Merry Christmas.


  1. we are also going to go to HStud to visit Kelsey.

  2. yes we did have a nice bonding experience...too bad you can't help me bond and cut vegetables with me :)

  3. kaci you slept on the floor last night? when i went to bed you were on the couch. well i did let you use the new bedspread that dad got. You were the first one to use it. you 2 can bond doing veggies at the end of jan.