Friday, December 26, 2008

hanging out with kassie and john

John bought some amazing ties... we went to the outlets across from were the hotel was.
this and some undershirts was the only things any of us bought.
we definitely went shopping for john.
on Christmas kassie was going to get john a wii but they were sold out... so he got this instead.
hopefully they have a girl (she could probably use it 4 years)

the pretty Christmas decoration kassie brought to make the room festive

kassie and john's really really big bed...

..... my bed .
today we went to A&W and ate lunch. (i thought mom would be proud)
then we were off to target and john and kassie bought a bunch of Christmas decorations for next year... and i bought a couple of picture frames.
we also went to my apt to pack up some of my stuff. we... i mean I filled up a box full of clothes. i didn't leave much. (kassie seems to think i left a lot of stuff. but most of that is paper junk and not clothes. i should be fine once i actually start to pack)
after that we went back to the hotel room were kassie took a nap and john read a book. i was on the internet for 2 hours (not writing a blog... kassie already yelled at me). i did watch most of Bolt.. it stopped with 20 min left. so i will never know if bolt gets reunited with penny or mittens or rhino.
then we headed off to eat with kassie CT friend ryan ray....
and now we are back to the hotel room and i am writing a blog.....
the end


  1. nice addition of the pictures... why didn't you get a cot from the front desk?

  2. sounds like you had a very magical time with kassie and john and kassie ct friend. oh yes it will be a girl and how much fun will she have with the princess gift. i liked your bed on the floor, it is not like the first time you have slept on the floor...

  3. i like the pictures, this way i dont have to imagine what everything looks like lol