Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas at Disney Hollywood Studios

kassie and john got me a hannah montana stocking with a hannah montana and hsm picture frame and skittles chap stick!!!!

and then we sat around for a while and then we headed to studios....

there kassie and john was able to get fast passes for toy story (they still had some left at 11... amazing) and i went to buy my secret santa a gift (a stitch backback) and then we went to draw a character (this time donald duck... john did a much better time this time around)

and then i had to work from 1:30-9. but it was one of the easiest days of work ever.

i'm part of the communication team and when you are part of that you plan the events that go on for our locations so we were putting on the Christmas diner behind my location.

my first assignment for the day was "cast excellence" which involved me standing outside watching the food and making sure only our cast members ate it.

after that i got my 30 min break.

then i was assignment to keystone 1. ... and there was someone on keystone 2. (so that was really easy bc you normally only need one person there)

i went on my next break and when i got done i went to sids for the remaining of my shift. (kassie and john also came to visit me.. which was amazing)

I got off at 9:00 and we went back to the hotel and went straight to bed... it was amazing

.... i also took some ham from work for kassie and john to enjoy.

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