Friday, December 26, 2008

hanging out with kassie and john

John bought some amazing ties... we went to the outlets across from were the hotel was.
this and some undershirts was the only things any of us bought.
we definitely went shopping for john.
on Christmas kassie was going to get john a wii but they were sold out... so he got this instead.
hopefully they have a girl (she could probably use it 4 years)

the pretty Christmas decoration kassie brought to make the room festive

kassie and john's really really big bed...

..... my bed .
today we went to A&W and ate lunch. (i thought mom would be proud)
then we were off to target and john and kassie bought a bunch of Christmas decorations for next year... and i bought a couple of picture frames.
we also went to my apt to pack up some of my stuff. we... i mean I filled up a box full of clothes. i didn't leave much. (kassie seems to think i left a lot of stuff. but most of that is paper junk and not clothes. i should be fine once i actually start to pack)
after that we went back to the hotel room were kassie took a nap and john read a book. i was on the internet for 2 hours (not writing a blog... kassie already yelled at me). i did watch most of Bolt.. it stopped with 20 min left. so i will never know if bolt gets reunited with penny or mittens or rhino.
then we headed off to eat with kassie CT friend ryan ray....
and now we are back to the hotel room and i am writing a blog.....
the end

Christmas at Disney Hollywood Studios

kassie and john got me a hannah montana stocking with a hannah montana and hsm picture frame and skittles chap stick!!!!

and then we sat around for a while and then we headed to studios....

there kassie and john was able to get fast passes for toy story (they still had some left at 11... amazing) and i went to buy my secret santa a gift (a stitch backback) and then we went to draw a character (this time donald duck... john did a much better time this time around)

and then i had to work from 1:30-9. but it was one of the easiest days of work ever.

i'm part of the communication team and when you are part of that you plan the events that go on for our locations so we were putting on the Christmas diner behind my location.

my first assignment for the day was "cast excellence" which involved me standing outside watching the food and making sure only our cast members ate it.

after that i got my 30 min break.

then i was assignment to keystone 1. ... and there was someone on keystone 2. (so that was really easy bc you normally only need one person there)

i went on my next break and when i got done i went to sids for the remaining of my shift. (kassie and john also came to visit me.. which was amazing)

I got off at 9:00 and we went back to the hotel and went straight to bed... it was amazing

.... i also took some ham from work for kassie and john to enjoy.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

kassie also got me a hannah montana stocking... which is pretty much awesome

merry christmas

i had to work last night until 11:30 and tonight i have to work from 1:30 to 9:00. which isn't that bad since i know some people working until 2:00 am (all i can say is i am soo glad i do not work in magic kingdom)

last night kassie and john came down to pick me up from work at 11:30 and i am staying with them in their hotel room.
and of course for the first time in the million times they have come and visited me i do not have a bed to sleep on so i had to sleep on the floor last night.... but it is ok bc i just talked to kaci and she said she also slept on the floor last night. so we had a nice bonding experience even though we are in different states.

work last night wans't that bad. i got to be santa for a couple different people which was pretty exciting. (well my hand writing was santa.... but it still works) and generally people were very nice and i didn't have problems with any one and lately a lot of people have been annoying me... but that is probably bc i only have a week left!

today when i'm at work kassie and john are going to go to epcot. (i told them that going there would have the most christmas stuff and magic kingdom would be way too crazy today)

Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

i have 2 1/2 weeks left.....
i haven't decided how i feel about it.

my living situation is making me want to go home but then again i have been hanging out with people i work with more and they make me want to stay. (but of course they all leave at the same time as me)

i think i am going to try to do everything possible in the next two weeks... and then hopefully i will feel like i have accomplished everything i wanted to.

Friday, December 12, 2008

universal v. disney

Last Saturday I went to universal with kassie, kaci, jeff d, and john. And made a few observations about why Disney was better then universal (it was pretty easy actually).
Us girls went to the universal studios side… so my opinions are based on that park.

Reasons why Disney is far better then universal.

(sorry I don’t have cool photos like kaci)
1. there was nothing that screamed hey lets take a photo in front of this. (and no body to take a photo of us if we wanted them too)
2. when a ride went off no one waived at you
3. the only extremely friendly person there was on an attraction where she had to play the part of a overly annoying happy person. (she was my fav. It remind me of Disney… expect the whole making fun of her part.)
4. you had to pay for fast passes
5. all the rides were pretty much the same thing and involved you watching a screen while they car (or whatever you were sitting in) you were sitting in randomly jerked around. It was not fun at all and I would advise everyone to sit in the stationary seats.
6. no one smiles and people lean and sit down why they worked
7. We walked into a sit down restaurant and got seated right away. Kassie thought this was how universal was better then Disney, but I thought it just showed how slow and dead universal was. (so that is why it makes it on my list)
8. The employees did not follow any kind of dress code (pants were to tight and hair was to long.. it kind of drove me insane. But now I am a Disney freak)
9. we could have finished everything in the park in 4 hours if we wanted to .
10. it was impossible to find soft serve ice cream
11. the character just…. Well want I want to say is not blog appropriate. But they were not good at ALL.
12. kassie also pointed out that they don’t have any where for guest (well I guess you would call them customers at universal) to lean or sit when they are waiting for people. The railing went down to far to the ground and they only had a couple of benches.

how they copy Disney
1. Disney point… they all pointed with two fingers. (my own theory is that they were all old cast members that went to universal to get paid more)
2. their name tags were the same shape as ours

3 simple ways they were better
1. There was a 20 min (max.) wait time for everything. You pretty much could walk onto any ride
2. we meet the donkey from shrek and he talked back to us… he was pretty cool.
3. they have jimmy neutron

So in conclusion if you are going to spend 70 + dollars to go to a park… Just go to magic kingdom or any of the Disney parks b/c universal is not worth the money at all.
At Disney you may have to wait in line but they provide you with better entertainment. And at least at Disney you will have cast members that smile at you .

Thursday, December 11, 2008

so.... i have been busy

since everyone decided to start a blog i feel like it is time for me to update you all in what has been going on in my life.
so here goes the fastest summary ever of the past couple of weeks.

to start off monique decided to self terminate (she left the tuesday of thanksgiving week) that is part of the reason i have been to busy to blog. bc we spent every second going to the parks or just doing things that we have never done before.

we finished all the jumping photos (animal kingdom was the last one to get)
did everything in toon town
watched the lion king show
went to jellyrolls one last time
ate at BW3 one last time
went to a character diner
became co-captians on the monorail (again)
took a milllion photos (no joke there was atleast a couple of hundred)
attempted to drink around the world (at least visit every country one last time)
.. and of course took another photo with Chris
cried a little and then a lot.
tried to convince her to stay.
.... and a bunch more things that would take up to much room on this quick blog.
(there are some photos of the fun we had on facebook

... as a result of monique leaving i no longer have a computer to use so i have to use the one at the learning center which make it allmost impossible to load photos on

then i worked a whole bunch during thanksgiving week.

and then the next weekend kassie and kaci and jeff d and john came to visit me.
(kaci was suppose to be a surprise but kassie accidently told me earlier that week)

kaci wrote a very good blog about the trip ... a blog that has photos and everything.

it was lots of fun. we went to the christmas party and then to universal (universal reguires its own blog though... expect that coming soon)

and this week i graudated from disney (yippy) expect a blog and photos about that too..

so here is a semi-short blog for you all. expect another one sometime in the next couple of days.
(not today though... i'm getting sick and really just want to go to bed.... yeah i said sick even though i am in florida and you are not suppose to get colds here bc it isn't suppose to get cold)